Sponsor Spotlight: RGD Gaming

With War Kings GT it is time to spotlight RGD Gaming.

RGD Gaming is one of the premier online retailers for Mantic and Kings of War.  They have an excellent selection, and it seems like they always have a discount code on their web page for 20% off as well.

When I asked them for support, I mentioned that we were doing both prizes and swag bags - and did they deliver.

First off, a brand new starter set for the prize pool.  The battle of the Glades pits Forces of Nature against Forces of the Abyss.

The nature contingent has a regiment of hard plastic Naiads (which can be assembled as either Ensnarers (with spears and nets) or Heartpiercers (with crossbows), a regiment of hard plastic Salamanders (which have the option for hand weapon and shield, or two handed weapons) and a metal druid (with alternate components) to lead them.

Facing them on the field of battle are 20 hard plastic Lower Abyssals (which can also be assembled as FlameBearers), 20 hard plastic Succubi and a metal abyssal champion (with alternate components).

Then to top it off, you get both the Battle of the Glades Guide, which has the story of this historic conflict, starter force lists and even a mini-campaign.  Plus it has a copy of the softcover Gamer's Edition rulebook - so this have everything you need to start or expand your armies, or get a friend involved and teach them how to play.

However this big set is not all - EVERYONE will also receive a set of RGD brushes.  You will get your choice of either 3 sable brushes (with a base, detail and dry brush), or 6 nylon brushes (sizes 1 - 6).  All of these have larger handles to make them easy to hold and work with.

I'm not sure which is better myself.  Sable brushes are often referred to as the top of the line, but I have found that they take a different technique to use than do nylon brushes (because of the way they hold the paint, and the fact that they are not as stiff).

As I showed previously we have four paint sets in our prize pool - so several people are going to be very well set up at the end of the day on Sunday.  Of course with paint and brushes you just need something to paint . . .

But RGD Gaming is not just an online retailer.  They are branching out into their own line of miniatures.  They have a ghoul king, and they are now working on expanding that line to hard plastic fauns (perfect for your Herd Tribal Warriors, Tribal Spears, Hunters (as they will have options for hand weapons, spears and bows) or even Spirit Walkers.  They are planning on doing a kickstarter sometime in May - watch their Facebook page for more.

For the kickstarter they plan on doing the fauns (both male and female), as well as a male and female shaman, and a Minotaur.  But it wouldn't be kickstarter without stretch goals - so how do centaurs (which would re-use the upper portion of the faun models) sound?  Or maybe a chimera, or chariot?  I don't yet have a 1000 pt herd demo army, but it sounds like I will after this kickstarter!

So some great swag.  I actually prefer nylon brushes (sable simply acts differently, and I haven't learned to use them properly yet).  Which type of brushes do you prefer?

Because it is all fun and games . . .