Sponsor Spotlight : The Army Painter

Two weeks to go for the War Kings GT, so another Sponsor Spotlight - this time featuring The Army Painter!

Army Painter is known for the style of quick army painting named after them - the Army Painter Method.  This is where anyone can get a great tabletop army.  Simple prime your model with the base color, then add a few specific colors (weapons, armor, skin) followed by one of their quickshades - and it is simply amazing how good this very simple technique can get models ready to play.  You can also use it as a base to do more details and highlighting to bring your army up to the next level.

Army Painter has given us all four of the Kings of War licensed paint sets.  Each of these is ten colors that are most useful for painting the specific type of army.

For Orcs and Goblins, the Greenskins paint set contains four shades of green plus complementary colors to make your hordes look great on the battlefield.

The dwarf paint set is great for painting armor and war engines (and can work for Abyssal Dwarfs as well)

Undead have a paint set including necrotic flesh for zombies and bone for your skeletons.

The ogre paint set has earth tones for your masses of massive troops to take to the field.

Of course, anyone can use any of these for any models, not just the ones listed.

In addition to these, Army Painter has a full line of paints, as well as many matching spray primers (so when you are touching up the red you primed with, you can match it!).  Using their quickshades can get your army to the tabletop and ready to fight quicker than most people can imagine.  I personally love their flat matte spray as a final coat to remove any glossy surfaces (from washes or other paints).  Be sure to support them and thank them for their support of our tournament.

Because it is all fun and games . . .