Rust never sleeps

Someone recently asked for a tutorial on painting rust - so I stole this from a previous post.  I don't use Citadel paints anymore, but you can always find similar colors in your favorite line.

First, basecoat the item to rust in straight black.

Then stipple the blade using charred brown. Stippling is done by cutting a VERY old brush down to about a quarter of an inch of bristles. You then get paint and wipe it off (like overbrushing) and dot the surface with the color to give it a random pattern. This can also work well for painting camo patterns as well as rust.

Next, stipple the blade with beasty brown and parasite brown. Unfortunately I did this backward, but since it is a random pattern it still works ok.

The last stipple was with citadel fiery orange.

The next step is to drybrush chainmail over the entire blade. This affect leaves the rust in the dents and grooves, but not on the areas that tend to get scraped clean by use.

And there you go.  In a few minutes you too can age your metal years!

Because it is all fun and games . . .