Daycon 2017

Daycon is a new game day (I won't call it a convention quite yet) that is being headed up by Randy Miller.  This is the first year for it, and he hopes to grow it into first a full weekend then perhaps an even longer convention.  While I have yet to be able to get in a game with him, Randy was aware of our Ohio War Kings 'club' and Facebook group, and several months back asked us if we wanted to run something at his new event.

Never one to under schedule myself, I of course said yes (ok, I didn't realize at first that this put me at three tournaments in a row (though I am only running two of them, having been 'volunteered' to fill in as a mercenary for the West Coast region at the Masters).

I had not really begun to promote this, just mentioning it a bit, but already managed to drum up some excitement for it, and when registration eventually opened we very quickly sold out all 12 seats, and Randy opened up two more, which we also sold out.

For several people, this will be the last chance to get in practice games before the Masters, which is the next weekend.

Come the day and the weather was beautiful - what is with the temps in the mid 60s in the middle of February?  So of course we are spending the day inside playing games.

12 players at Daycon - Jesse, Tim, Erich, Aaron, Jon, Steve, Amy, Kara, Dave, Joe, Dan and Felix
Of the 14 we had pre-registered, 12 made it (the other two being to sick and tired to play.  Seriously, one was sick and the other just too exhausted after working a double shift the day before to get up before noon).
DayCon at Rona Banquet Hall in Fairborn OH
Round one got underway just a few minutes late.  I was originally going to run some of the brand new scenarios from the upcoming Clash of Kings book, but then realized that many of the players were using this as a last practice for the Masters tournament the next weekend, so I made sure we only did scenarios from the Masters tournament pack.  The first one was fairly new - Control!
Round 1 gets underway
Dave Baker's Abyssals take a beating from Dan Payne's Undead
Jesse Cromwell's Goblins pull out a tie against Jon Carter's Undead
Tim Bowie's Ratkin send Felix Castro's Herd running with their tails between their legs
Amy Stamper's Dwarfs tie Joe Cottrell's Abyssals
Erich Trowbridge's Orcs put a serious beating on Aaron Raleigh (using my Ogres)
Steve Malone's Twilight Kin slaughter Kara Brown's Abyssal Dwarfs
Between the first and second rounds we took a lunch break (and the food at the con was surprisingly inexpensive and good - cheeseburger for only $2!) and everyone set up their armies for appearance judging.
Joe Cottrell's Forces of the Abyss
Erich Trowbridge's Orcs
Felix Castro's Herd
Timothy Bowie's Ratkin
Jon Carter's Undead
Jesse Cornwall's Goblins
Aaron Raleigh playing my Ogres
Daniel Payne's Undead
Dave Baker's Forces of the Abyss
Kara Brown's Abyssal Dwarfs
Steve Malone's Twilight Kin
Amy Stamper's Dwarfs
In addition to the army shots, I also tried to take some more closeups of things I liked.
Erich got some awesome hand painted banners for his orcs as a Christmas present from a friend 
I find it a bit of a shame that with 2nd edition, fewer and fewer people are doing cool banners
Dave Baker used a Deadzonoe Chovar Psychic as his Chroneas
Dave also use a yellow paint scheme for his abyssals, and his fiend turned out great (and I'm not saying that because he got it from me).
Kara Brown used Dave's idea of Deadzone plague for Tortured Souls, but added some of the really big ones along with the 2As.
Kara also had an interesting Abyssal Halfbreed unit - made from mechwarrior mechs!
Kara also just finished a new Overmaster model last night
Joe Cottrell used plastic fishing worms as larvae for his Abyssals ( these are commonly seen as Bloodworms in Night Stalker armies)
Joe's version of Chroneas - a bones Dragon Turtle.
Joe added 40K heads to his Mantic Ogres to make Molochs
So after lunch, Round two quickly got underway.  This was a new Push! scenario - think of it as a double loot where the units can START with loot tokens (plus one in them middle to claim)
Joe takes is on the chin with a loss to Jon
Jesse pulls out a tie against Amy
Kara gets a whooping from Dave
Felix beats up newbie Aaron
Erich defeats Timothy
Steve loses to Dan
Jon's Vampire Lord on Undead Dragon tries to eat the Efeet, but finds it a bit too spicy for one bite
A war trombone finds itself in a target rich environment
The final round actually got started a bit early, as everyone finished round two with twenty minutes left on the overall clock.  This is a straight invade scenario.
Round 3 is on!
Erich and Dan battle it out on the top table
Amy watches as Dave abyssals are all on her side of the board.
Steve rolls against a huge line of Jesse's goblins
Kara and Aaron battle for the wooden spoon!
Tim checks his measurements against Jon
Joe does a beat down on Felix
And round three wrapped up, giving us our winners.
Aaron took the Wooden Spoon, and Best Sportsman!
Joe's Abyssal army won him Best Appearance.  I almost felt I should have docked him points because he painted the army up in only 1 week :-)
Erich tied for best Sportsman, but took home Best General
And in a repeat of the Gem City Massacre, Dan took Overall

Daycon 2017 Final Results

Place Name Army Opponents Battle Attrition Paint Additional Painting Players Choice Appearance Total List 3list Favorite Opponent Best Sportsman Total Awards
1 Daniel Payne Undead Dave Baker, Steve Malone, Erich Trowbridge 92 3220 20 1 1 22 5 5 10 123 Overall Champion
2 Erich Trowbridge Orcs Aaron Raleigh, Timothy Bowie, Daniel Payne 85 4690 20 6 2 28 5 5 3 13 120 Best General
3 Dave Baker Abyssals Daniel Payne, Kara Brown, Amy Stamper 79 3260 20 7 2 29 5 5 1 11 112
4 Joe Cottrell Abyssals Amy Stamper, Jon Carter, Felix Castro 68 4355 20 11 2 33 5 5 10 100 Best Appearance
5 Jon Carter Undead Jesse Cornwell, Joe Cottrell, Timothy Bowie 69 2850 20 10 30 5 5 10 99
6 Timothy Bowie Ratkin Felix Castro, Erich Trowbridge, Jon Carter 81 1815 8 5 13 5 5 10 99
7 Jesse Cornwell Goblins Jon Carter, Amy Stamper, Steve Malone 63 3040 20 6 26 5 5 2 12 95
8 Kara Brown Abyssal Dwarfs Steve Malone, Dave Baker, Aaron Raleigh 57 3765 20 9 1 30 5 5 2 12 90
9 Amy Stamper Dwarfs Joe Cottrell, Jesse Cornwell, Dave Baker 55 3380 20 8 3 31 5 5 10 88
10 Felix Castro Herd Timothy Bowie, Aaron Raleigh, Joe Cottrell 55 2354 20 2 1 23 5 5 1 11 87
11 Steve Malone Twilight Kin Kara Brown, Daniel Payne, Jesse Cornwell 74 3650 0 2 2 5 5 1 11 85
12 Aaron Raleigh Ogres Erich Trowbridge, Felix Castro, Kara Brown 30 1440 20 5 25 5 5 3 13 63 Best Sportsman, Wooden Spoon

Daycon wasn't just about Kings of War however.  There were three sessions of scheduled games and a lot of demos and several vendors (even Mayfair games had a booth upstairs).  I picked a few new resin terrain pieces (who can't use more walls and ruins?) myself.

After the tournament I even managed to do a demo of Mantics "The Walking Dead: All Out War" for a couple of people.  We ran through a simple demo scenario, and they both had fun as the threat escalated and they started to learn how to use noise and mayhem to draw walkers into their opponents (I don't think Derick was able to move for 80% of the game because, while never dying, was constantly fighting off walkers).  In the end Sandra snuck around to grab the last loot token and then run around a car so no walkers could get to her, while Derick was finally surrounded and about to bite it after Rick shot a walker that pulled three of them over.
Felix and Donny try out the Walking Dead: All Out War as Aaron (more than just his arm) watches
Thanks to Randy Miller and the rest of the staff at Daycon for providing a great show and place to have our tournament.  Also I want to thank Bill Robertson (again) for his great tournament scoring software warscore - it makes doing the round pairings and scoring so easy even I can do it.

You can check out all the pairings and scores at the warscore page for the event.

Because it is all fun and games . . .