Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mantic Forum: We can rebuild them; we have the technology

Like so many others, I was very excited when I got my big box of mini's from the Kings of War kickstart (wave 2). Unfortunately, I ran into a few minor issues, one of which I have easily fixed but thought I would share.

When I opened my bag of free Fleabag Riders, I found that three of the mawbeasts were missing the front left paw

While I thought about contacting Mantic to get these replaced - I figured they were free so why complain, and I could easily fix it anyway. I had picked up some Instant Mold ( ) the year before at GenCon but never used it successfully, so now was the chance.

Simply take a stick, and put it in near boiling water for about a minute. Then I pressed leg of the good mawbeasts into the waxy mold and let it set

When I pulled them out, I had two molds of the missing foot, along with the leg and shoulder.

Then I fit the broken models into these molds

and pressed some green stuff into the remaining space in the mold, and left it to set

Once dry, I easily popped out the models

and used a modelling knife to trim the extra greenstuff off the new paw.

The back side isn't perfect, but I figure this will be nearly completely hidden once the mode is on the base. Once these are painted it will be difficult to tell which is the unbroken one and which ones have new prosthetic limbs. Not quite bionic, but good enough!

Because it is all fun and games . . .

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mantic Blog - Elves Learn to Play

Ok, so after all that whining, I have gotten my elves done for GenCon. They work as a demo army, I still am not thrilled with them. When I get in my troop of cav from kickstart I will probably replace one of the troops of bowmen with them just to give them something different. But this is what comes in the army box.

Anyway, here they are:

2 troops of elf bowmen

a troop of scouts

a regiment of seaguard

a regiment of spearmen

2 bolt throwers and mage on horseback

So what is next? I have the 1000 pts of Mantic orcs to replace my gw ones for the demo - and they are a bit confusing (people aren't sure what the black orcs and savage orcs are, and the jet ski riders (boar boyz) are a bit confusing as well, so I think that should be the next priority. I also have a troop of Lesser Abyssal Golems to replace in my AD army (I will probably keep the other troop with what I have), a bunch of 13th century foot knights to make a horde of FootGuard for my human army to replace the gw ogres there, and most of a Mantic ogre army to replace the GW Ogre one (though I won't have everything because I need three more chariots (for 2 red blasters and for the captain) and two sets of command to finish 1000 pts of ogres. Then there are the goblins - I have 2 mincers and a regiment of fleabag riders to replace the wolf riders, and a couple of war machines (but no crews). Goblins are also coming in my third kickstarter shipment, so I can't completely replace them either.

Oh, and just a little over 2 weeks until GenCon. Because I don't want to have any other life :-)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Mantic Blog - working slowly

not gone - but I'm just having a hard time getting excited about painting up the elves. I have 1000 pts primed white to replace one of my AD armies for my Learn to Play events at GenCon. My plan is to have them in white armor - using the army painter light shade to do most of the work. Unfortunately I've never liked elves, and my opinion isn't changing for the Mantic ones.

However my schedule is pretty clear until GenCon - so I'm hoping to get these done, then maybe put together the orcs and replace the GW ones, and would really like to make the Ogre chariots as well (though I don't think I can completely replace my GW Ogres with Mantic ones for GenCon, as I only have the base ones I got from the Kickstarter.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mantic Blog - Golems - comparison

So I got my 2nd wave of Kings of War Kickstarter 'stuff' in, which included the new sculpts for the Lesser Obsidian Golems. Beautiful models - however they are on 50mm bases, not the 40 I had used before. Since I'm using this army as part of my demo set, which I want to have as much Mantic models in as possible, I guess I have to replace mine.

I may not get that done by GenCon, as I have elves and orcs to paint up, but I did put one together to make a comparison. In addition, I picked up an Earth Elemental from the Reaper Bones kickstarter,to use as a Greater Obsidian Golem which came in a couple of weeks ago.

I was surprised that my old Rackham model was taller than both. I'm not quite sure if the reaper on, while it is bigger than the LOG, may not be quite as imposing as is needed. I will just have to see.