Mantic Blog - Golems - comparison

So I got my 2nd wave of Kings of War Kickstarter 'stuff' in, which included the new sculpts for the Lesser Obsidian Golems. Beautiful models - however they are on 50mm bases, not the 40 I had used before. Since I'm using this army as part of my demo set, which I want to have as much Mantic models in as possible, I guess I have to replace mine.

I may not get that done by GenCon, as I have elves and orcs to paint up, but I did put one together to make a comparison. In addition, I picked up an Earth Elemental from the Reaper Bones kickstarter,to use as a Greater Obsidian Golem which came in a couple of weeks ago.

I was surprised that my old Rackham model was taller than both. I'm not quite sure if the reaper on, while it is bigger than the LOG, may not be quite as imposing as is needed. I will just have to see.


  1. Darklord 7/12/13
    Very cool, thanks for sharing. I reckon the Reaper model would make a decent GOG.


    narfnarf 7/12/13
    not sure about the rulebook description of them, but the reaper one sure looks huge! cool stuff... like your old golem as well... don't abandone him! :-/

    puggimer 7/15/13
    Thanks narf - I just don't like the static pose of the old golem - especially when I have 6 of them all the same. I'll have to see.


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