Mantic Blog - Elves Learn to Play

Ok, so after all that whining, I have gotten my elves done for GenCon. They work as a demo army, I still am not thrilled with them. When I get in my troop of cav from kickstart I will probably replace one of the troops of bowmen with them just to give them something different. But this is what comes in the army box.

Anyway, here they are:

2 troops of elf bowmen

a troop of scouts

a regiment of seaguard

a regiment of spearmen

2 bolt throwers and mage on horseback

So what is next? I have the 1000 pts of Mantic orcs to replace my gw ones for the demo - and they are a bit confusing (people aren't sure what the black orcs and savage orcs are, and the jet ski riders (boar boyz) are a bit confusing as well, so I think that should be the next priority. I also have a troop of Lesser Abyssal Golems to replace in my AD army (I will probably keep the other troop with what I have), a bunch of 13th century foot knights to make a horde of FootGuard for my human army to replace the gw ogres there, and most of a Mantic ogre army to replace the GW Ogre one (though I won't have everything because I need three more chariots (for 2 red blasters and for the captain) and two sets of command to finish 1000 pts of ogres. Then there are the goblins - I have 2 mincers and a regiment of fleabag riders to replace the wolf riders, and a couple of war machines (but no crews). Goblins are also coming in my third kickstarter shipment, so I can't completely replace them either.

Oh, and just a little over 2 weeks until GenCon. Because I don't want to have any other life :-)