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Ok, so after all that whining, I have gotten my elves done for GenCon. They work as a demo army, I still am not thrilled with them. When I get in my troop of cav from kickstart I will probably replace one of the troops of bowmen with them just to give them something different. But this is what comes in the army box.

Anyway, here they are:

2 troops of elf bowmen

a troop of scouts

a regiment of seaguard

a regiment of spearmen

2 bolt throwers and mage on horseback

So what is next? I have the 1000 pts of Mantic orcs to replace my gw ones for the demo - and they are a bit confusing (people aren't sure what the black orcs and savage orcs are, and the jet ski riders (boar boyz) are a bit confusing as well, so I think that should be the next priority. I also have a troop of Lesser Abyssal Golems to replace in my AD army (I will probably keep the other troop with what I have), a bunch of 13th century foot knights to make a horde of FootGuard for my human army to replace the gw ogres there, and most of a Mantic ogre army to replace the GW Ogre one (though I won't have everything because I need three more chariots (for 2 red blasters and for the captain) and two sets of command to finish 1000 pts of ogres. Then there are the goblins - I have 2 mincers and a regiment of fleabag riders to replace the wolf riders, and a couple of war machines (but no crews). Goblins are also coming in my third kickstarter shipment, so I can't completely replace them either.

Oh, and just a little over 2 weeks until GenCon. Because I don't want to have any other life :-)


  1. Orcsbain 28-07-2013, 09:34 AM
    Nice force, I'd be happy to game with them.

    Yes its sounds like a good idea to replace the w'shop orcs for mantic ones. I know KOW is simple but avoiding confusion and easyily teaching the game is the idea so definatly "todo" next. Besides a life is what other "non gamers" do, staying indoors and painting is an excellent way of avoiding overheating and catching skin cancer

    Good luck


    redfox4242 28-07-2013, 10:02 AM
    I agree that those jet ski orcs are confusing. However I also thought that they were really cool looking. You did water effects to show the spray coming out of the jet skis and all that. Those were very creative and fun models. It is true that they don't much look like boar cavalry. Glad you got the elves done.

    Pathfinder Simon 28-07-2013, 01:48 PM
    So what points does the elves work out as?

    puggimer 29-07-2013, 08:35 AM
    Thanks. The elves are 985 pts for the army box with no magic items (gave the mage a talisman of inspiration and the seaguard fire oil to finish it off). Did not have to pick up anything else for that demo army - none of the other army boxes have that many points in them.

    I calculated the base points for the army boxes a while back (assuming full command on every unit that can take it):

    Abyssal Dwarfs 420
    Dwarfs 860
    Elves 985
    Goblins 385
    Orcs 690
    Undead 515


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