Mantic Forum: We can rebuild them; we have the technology

Like so many others, I was very excited when I got my big box of mini's from the Kings of War kickstart (wave 2). Unfortunately, I ran into a few minor issues, one of which I have easily fixed but thought I would share.

When I opened my bag of free Fleabag Riders, I found that three of the mawbeasts were missing the front left paw

While I thought about contacting Mantic to get these replaced - I figured they were free so why complain, and I could easily fix it anyway. I had picked up some Instant Mold ( ) the year before at GenCon but never used it successfully, so now was the chance.

Simply take a stick, and put it in near boiling water for about a minute. Then I pressed leg of the good mawbeasts into the waxy mold and let it set

When I pulled them out, I had two molds of the missing foot, along with the leg and shoulder.

Then I fit the broken models into these molds

and pressed some green stuff into the remaining space in the mold, and left it to set

Once dry, I easily popped out the models

and used a modelling knife to trim the extra greenstuff off the new paw.

The back side isn't perfect, but I figure this will be nearly completely hidden once the mode is on the base. Once these are painted it will be difficult to tell which is the unbroken one and which ones have new prosthetic limbs. Not quite bionic, but good enough!

Because it is all fun and games . . .


  1. redfox4242 7/31/13
    That is well done. I would not have thought of such a thing. It's a good trick.

    mister c 7/31/13
    I've got some of that stuff but never used it, you have inspired me sir.

    Darklord 8/1/2013
    Wow that is awesome! Seriously cool.


    Robert Smythe Sinclair 8/1/13
    I've seen the Instant mold before but this might convince me to pick some up, job well done on the foot.


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