Mantic Blog - Adepticon 2014 wrap-up

Having had a day to recover, the first thing I can say is simply WOW! This was my third time to Adepticon, but the first time running anything. A huge amount of fun.

Thursday afternoon at Adepticon I ran the 2nd annual Clash of Kings Kings of War Tournament.

This year it was slightly smaller point values (1500), but we had 150% greater attendance than last year, with a total of 10 paid players. I rather enjoy being able to keep stating that we have the largest North American KoW tournament (which I've been able to say at three of the four I've run this year). It sets a great goal to continually try to beat.

We had a couple of list issues, which did cause us to run a little late, but they were sorted rather quickly and other than that things ran very smoothly. One reason I enjoy this game so much is the simple, clear rules that do no require constant judge rulings.

I believe everyone had fun, and I'd like to make it even bigger next year (both in players and size (maybe 1600, or 1800 pts). I'd also like to run a "lighter" storyline type event - possibly with more comp and intended to be less competitive. Also it might be a good idea to run a "Big Game" event as well - several of the players had asked about that (some of the feedback I got was that they wanted more events - for people who travelled to get her (one from Arizona) they just wanted to play more.

I have posted pictures on Facebook since there are too many to email :

Friday I played in the WFB Team Tournament. I am finding that I am enjoying playing WFB less and less, while I like Kings of War more and more. But enough said about that here

Saturday I worked in the Mantic booth doing demo's of Kings of War. I lost count of how many demos I did between 9 am and 6 pm (I think I had about 20 minutes of break time during the entire day). Very busy, very loud, and a whole lot of fun. Several of the people I did demos for went and immediately bought armies to get started. When I started in the morning, there were stacks of nearly everything - but by the time I left for Ronnies Kickstarter seminar at 6 pm not much was left.

Sunday was again helping out in the booth - but I spent more time setting up and helping with the charity Kings of War game between Ronnie and Andrew Sherman ( one of the hosts of Mantic Radio - check them out ). I did get some pictures I put up on facebook - I own't spoil who won - you'll have to check it out there :

A great time, and I even got a selfie with Ronnie

Already looking forward to next year.

Because it is all fun and games . . .