Adepticlash 2024

Once again wargamers from across the country, and even across the world, gathered in Schaumberg IL for the biggest wargaming convention in the world.   And once again Mantic sponsored the Adepticlash championship.

39 players gathered for five rounds of battle to determine who was the best.

Even after five rounds of tough games, everyone was smiling.  Even the guy in the back row that managed to sneak into the picture.

Round 1 got started.  

Corey Reynolds v Adam Ballard

Rob Phaneuf v Blake Shrode

Christian Moisan v Janner Holiday

Connor Murphy v Felix Castro

Grant Fetter v Kenny Lull

Alan Wigness v Brinton Williams

Dariusz Bienkowski v Dan Zarembski

Erik Greiner v Eric Town

Jason Black v Grace Patterson

Jeff Schiltgen v Jeremy Duvall

Jesse Berglund v Steven de la Garza

Je;ff Swan v Jason birr

Kyle Pietsch v Jonathon Neesen

Kyle Ritchey v Marshall Temple

Richard Pennertz v Drew Richardson

Matthew Temple v Lam Choon Voon

Sean Vilmont v Shannon Shoemaker

Steve Malone v Javier Ancizu Vergera

Tim Akers v Tim Lonas

During the lunch break on the first day, all the armies were set up for paint judging and favorite votes.

Corey Reynolds' Twilight Kin

Adam Ballard's Nightstalkers

Blake Shrode's Abyssal Dwarfs

Rob Phaneuf's Salamanders

Christian Moisan's Ogres

Janner Holiday's Northern Alliance

Felix Castro's Northern Alliance

Grant Fetter's Northern Alliance

Alan Wigness' Dwarfs

Brinton Williams' Abyssal Dwarfs

Dan Zarembski's Riftforged Orcs

Dariusz Bienkowski's Northern Alliance

Erik Greiner's Free Dwarfs

Grace Patterson's NightFishStalkers

James Black's Forces of Nature

Jeff Schiltgen's Ogres

Jeremy Duvall's Basileans

Jesse Berglund's Twilight Kin

Steve de la Garza's Elves

Jason Birr's Elves

Jeff Swann's Ogres

Kyle Pietsch's Halflings

Jonathon Neessens's Night Stalkers

Kyle Ritchey's Goblins

Marshall Temple's Undead

Drew Richardson's Empire of Dust

Richard Pennertz's Undead

Matthew Temple's Goblins

Lam Choon Voon's Ogres

Sean Vilmont's Orcs

Steve Malone's Salamanders

Javier Ancizu Vergera's Elves

Tim Lonas' Varangur

Tim Aker's Northern Alliance

Jeffrey Jett's Order of the Brothermark

Then round 2 started up

Christian Moisan v Jeff Swann

Jason Birr v Tim Lonas

Erik Greiner v Felix Castro

Alan Wigness v Drew Richardson

Jeremy Duvall v Sean Vilmont

Tim Akers v Jeffrey Jett

Lam Choon Voon v Kyle Pietsch

A blurry (sorry) Javier Ancizu Vergera v Adam Ballard

Brinton Williams v Richard Pennertz

Steven de la Garza v Jeff Schiltgen

Janner Holiday v Grace Patterson

Matthew Temple v Grant Fetter

Steve Malone v Jesse Berglund

Kyle Ritchey v Dariusz Bienkowski

James Black v Corey Reynolds

Conor Murphy v Blake Shrode

Jonathon Neessen v Rob Phaneuf

Marshall Temple v Kenny Lull

Dan Zarembski v Eric Town

For this tournament everyone had the option of bringing a custom "Ronnie the Bard" model.  This is used as a token to give one unit the Inspiring(Self) rule.  

Some of the better ones
Corey Reynolds

Felix Castro

Grace Patterson

Jason Birr

Javier Ancizu Vergera.

Jesse Berglund

Marshall Temple

Matthew Temple

On to round 3

Dan Zarembski v Kyle Pietsh

Grant Fetter v Jeff Schiltgen

Jonathon Neessen v Felix Castro

Grace Patterson v Steven de la Garza

Brinton Williams v Jason Birr

Erik Greiner v Steve Malone

Corey Reynolds v Marshall Temple

Drew Richardson v Connor Murphy

Kenny Lull v Jeffrey Jett

Christian Moisan v James Black

Sean Villmont v Dariusz Bienkowski

Adam Ballard v Janner Holliday

Kyle Ritchey v Tim Lonas

Alan Wigness v Blake Shrode

Rob Phaneuf v Jeff Swann

Tim Akers v Richard Pennertz

Eric Town v Lam Choon Voon

Jeremy Duvall v Jesse Berglund

Javier Ancizu Vergera v Matthew Temple

Ronnie came by the tournament area later that night to celebrate his birthday with us, and much celebrating was had.  I'm a bit surprised at how well everyone looked as we got started bright and early (we wanted to finish as early as possible for the people heading back north, as a storm was heading their way).  We did unfortunately lose too players.

Corey Reynolds v Connor Murphy

Eric Town v Kenny Lull

Dan Zarembski v Tim Lonas

Alan Wigness v Erik Greiner

Steven de la Garza v Kyle Pietsch

Marshall Temple v Jeffery Jett

Blake Shrode v Christian Moisan

Jonathon Neessen v Jason Birr

Tim Akers v Janner Holiday

Steve Malone v Jeff Swann

Lam Choon Voon v Jesse Berglund

Sean Vilmont v Grace Patterson

Javier Ancizu Vergera v Dariusz Bienkowski

Felix Castro v Brinton Williams

Jeremy Duvall v Drew Richardson

Adam Ballard v Jeff Schiltgen

Matthew Temple v Kyle Ritchie

Unfortunately some dumb-ass says he got busy or some other lame excuse and didn't take pictures during round 5.  Maybe there was one person there who was hungover.

Regardless, it all wrapped up and we gave out the awards

Dice Hate Me - Kenny Lull

Counter Charger - Steven de la Garza

Best Ronnie from 2022 - Matthew Temple

Best Ronnie from 2023 - Felix Castro

Best Ronnie - Jason Birr

Players Choice - Corey Reynolds

Best Mantic Army - Drew Richardson (with the bottle of Ronnie's Rum)

Jesse Cornwell Sportsman - Tim Lonas

Best General - Javier Ancizu Vergera (coming over from Spain to teach us how to play the game)

Best Overall - Jeff Schiltgen

It was, once again, another great year and a lot of fun.  For full army lists, round pairings and breakdown of all the results, check out the tournament page at

A special thanks to Mantic Games, Adepticon, and especially Winged Hussar Press for all the prizes - I love it when everyone can leave with something.  In addition a special thanks to Shannon Shoemaker who was our ringer.  He only played the first game (due to a player having car trouble), but it is an essential role in a tournament this size.

I did want to mention that I used the Mantic Tournament Companion to run the tournament, and while it is still fairly limited, it worked pretty well for the actual pairings and game scores, with pairings going out and everyone entering their results from their phones, with very few corrections from me.  It does not, however, handle soft scores in any way that is close to useful (and those are a big part of any tournaments I run).  However it is MUCH easier to do pairings and have players enter their own results in the tournament companion and then copy the over to warscore where I can add the rest of the scores than to go the other way around (i.e. do pairing in warscore then try to put them in the companion).  This looks like it will work for actually running tournaments, and I love having players submit their lists to the companion as well, but it is a long way from replacing the software I have been using for over 10 years.  

Because it is all fun and games . . .