Weathering the Storm

Once again the armies converged from around the region to do battle, the sounds of conflict sounding like thunder.  Yes, Hoosier Storm has come back!

15 players gathered once again in Lebanon Indiana to play 5 games of Kings of War, each warrior bringing not only their finely painted force, but an additional storm elemental to boot.

Back Row - Jon Carter, Kara Brown, Marshall Temple, Austin Lesh, Jeff Franz, Cyle Pool, Scott Sallee, Paul Cravo, Jesse Berglund, Erich Trowbridge, Steve Malone.  Front - Donny Krosch, Grace Patterson, Matthew Temple.  Not Pictured - Andrew Summers

Unfortunately I think that pushing the storm aspect to promote the event may have backfired, as it decided to actually act like winter Friday evening, slowing down almost everybody.  What should have taken us a bit over 2 hours took us almost 7, and every time we tried an alternate route to avoid accidents, the new route ended up ALSO having an accident.

Luckily everyone arrived safe and sound (in body, if not nerves), but it was far too late to attempt to set up that night.

So we got in the facility at 8 and it was a very quick setup, and we got started right on time.

Round 1 underway

Challenge between Erich Trowbridge and Paul Cravo

Challenge between Jeff Franz and Kara Brown

Challenge between Cyle Pool and Andrew Summers

Steve Malone v Matthew Temple

Jon Carter v Marshall Temple

Grace Patterson v Jesse Berglund

Donny Krosch v Austin Lesh

The tournament provided Jimmy John's sandwiches for everyone for lunch, while their armies were set out for paint judging.

Marshall Temple's Undead

Jon Carter's John Carter of Mars themed Ogres

Grace Patterson is working on her new mushroom themed Order of the Green Lady army and brought it to play even though it wasn't finished.

Jesse Bergland's Twilight Kin

Andrew Summers' Basileans

Kara Brown's Riftforged Orcs

Jeff Franz's Order of the Green Lady

Cyle Pool's Goblins

Steve Malone's Salamanders

Matthew Temple's Goblins

Paul Cravo's Empire of Dust

Erich Trowbridge's Orcs

Austin Lesh's Undead

Donny Krosch's Goblins

Perhaps the youngest fan was Cyle Pools cute daughter checking out Daddy's hobby

Round got started after everyone finished their lunch

Cyle Pool v Marshall Temple

Matthew Temple v Jon Carter

Erich Trowbridge v Jesse Berglund

Austin Lesh v Andrew Summers

Grace Patterson v Jeff Franz as the Order of the Green Lady faces off against itself

Kara Brown v Steve Malone

Donny Krosch v Paul Cravo

The third round started without a hitch

Grace Patterson v Jon Carter

Jon's great 4 armed martian ape is politely knocking at the door and asking if Baba Yaga can come out and play

Steve Malone v Jesse Berglund

Andrew Summers v Paul Cravo

Jeff Franz v Marshall Temple

Erich Trowbridge v Matthew Temple

Austin Lesh v Kara Brown

Donny  Krosch v Cyle Pool in a Goblin-off

Just how many goblins can you fit in the dominate circle?

We made reservations at Klooz Brewz where everyone went to enjoy good food and beer.

Sunday morning, and everyone showed up on time and ready to go.  Andrew Summers was only able to play on Saturday, so Scott Sallee stepped in as the ringer player

Jesse Berglund v Cyle Pool

Steve Malone v Jeff Franz

Grace Patterson (mushroom hat for the mushroom theme army) v Scott Sallee

Kara Brown v Erich Trowbridge - The new hotness (Riftforged) orcs v the old school orcs

Donny Krosch v Jon Carter

Paul Cravo v Austin Lesh - dry vs wet undead

Marshall Temple v Matthew Temple, keeping it all in the family

Cyle Pool v Jesse Berglund

In order to make the tournament a little different, each player brought in a 'free' storm elemental.  In the game the storm elemental changed special rules each round, and there is a player voted award for the best elemental model.  Several people used Mantic air elementals or tree herders, there were a couple of popular 3d printed ones (three of one, two (plus the trophy I made) of another.  And some just spawned the gamut from 'the model I use for every special model' to seriously converted and made just for the event. 

Donny Krosch

Jon Carter

Jeff Franz

Steve Malone

Scott Sallee

Grace Patterson

Erich Trowbridge

Kara Brown

Matthew Temple

Marshall Temple

Jesse Berglund

Cyle Pool

Austin Lesh

Paul Cravo

After everyone filled up on Dominoes pizza, the final round started right on time

Marshall Temple v Scott Sallee

Matthew Temple v Jeff Franz

Grace Patterson v Kara Brown in a battle of the lady gamers

Austin Lesh v Jon Carter

Steve Malone v Paul Cravo

Cyle Pool v Erich Trowbridge

Donny Krosch v Jesse Berglund (that will be a fun ride home back to Minnesota)

The tropies - Overall, Jess Cornwell Sportsman, Best General, Best Appearance, Best Elemental and Dice Hate Me, each with an online gift code for the Mantic web store.  A person can only win one award EXCEPT for the best elemental.

For everyone who did NOT win an award, we had a big selection of door prizes, that go to people in the reverse order of their ranking at the tournament (not including the people who did not play all 5 rounds).

And with that it was all wrapped up for another great year.

Grace Patterson - Dice Hate Me

Donny Krosch - Counter Charger

Marshall Temple - Favorite Elemental

Jon Carter - Best Appearance

Grace Patterson - Jesse Cornwell Sportsperson

Steve Malone - Best General

Jesse Berglund - Overall Champion

You can see the full breakdown of results on the Event Result Page, which has full breakdown on each round as well as all soft scores.

One thing we did differently this year was to use the Mantic Companion tournament web app.  While not perfect (if players mis-enter data they cannot correct it, and no ability to enter 'real' soft scores (such as appearance scores) that have a variable number of tournament points) it is vastly improved over when we attempted to use it last year.  For running the tournament and recording battle scores it really worked pretty well - it just still requires more to do my style of overall scores.

I do think it is worth using right now, and we will try it again at Adepticon.

Because it is all fun and games . . .