Almost 2 digits

It is a little hard for me to believe I've been doing this for 9 years now.  I wish I was posting more regularly, but I've been struggling (for waay too long) with coming up with content.  Easy enough to do reviews when I get something new to review.  Harder to do much else when I don't feel like I have much that anyone would be interested in.

I'm not one to take pictures of everything I do, so at times I have done some hobby work that might have been interesting to write about - but no pictures and walls of text just are hard to get through.

It is a little interesting to go back and look at some of the stats for my little corner of the hobby interwebs.

So almost 2 million views.  Now this was boosted by two month back in 2002 with a quarter of a million views each - I'm not sure but I figure that was a bot of some kind.  However even taking that out it still gives it well over a million - which sounds pretty good.

The most popular post is still when I talked about switching between WFB and KoW - which has over 6 times more views than the second most popular one.  And while it has tapered off over time, it still is getting hit every month (although last month was it's low point of only 18 views), but unless I can come up with something as big it looks to be destined to stay at the top.

A sincere thank you to my 11 followers - you are the ones that care enough to want to know when I put up something new.  I have always been a little frustrated that if I don't spam each new post all over facebook then it barely gets seen.  Personally I LOVE RSS, and when I go somewhere more than a couple of times (or even once if it is really interesting), I add it to my feed (I currently use feedly to manage my feeds, because it works on Chrome plus I have the android app on my tablet and phone).  Yes, I mainly use it for webcomics and a couple of geeky news sites, but do get some other blogs as well.  So it just surprises me that more people don't use it (and the notifications are a simple number of new items (for the chrome plugin), so very inobtrusive.).  

So looking forward - well I'm running Hoosier Storm 2024 this coming weekend, so I'll have the tournament pictures up from that afterward.  Of course when I get in new models / games (at least from Mantic) I will write them up.  Books - well I have tried to read more lately - however I'm not sure that anyone else cares about my reviews (except for Brandon at Winged Hussar Books, (and of course Mark and Ben) who actually give me pre-release copies to read and write up (and even give feedback on some as they are being written.  (Though it was weird when I got a few physical books out of the blue that I'd never heard of with no explanation - I did review one of them (I honestly did not like it))).

I spend more time 3d printing than I do painting (both personal and for running events), though most of that is trophies or more copies of gaming tools.  (I did just print up a 3d version of the first scenario for Dungeon Saga : Origins to run at Origins in June (twice - maybe I should at least write that up a little, though again I don't have pictures of most of it).

I do read and appreciate all NON-SPAM comments (and if you are selling something your comments are immediately deleted), and appreciate any and all feedback and suggestions.

Thanks for reading for 9 years now

Because it is all fun and games (and a little hard work) . . . 


  1. Hey! This seems to be happening to a number of both authors... The self doubt I mean. I come here regularly to see if something new has been published and I would humbly suggest to "show" the small stuff. I enjoy reading about ppls ideas and inspirations when building an army and being able to witness the eventual growth of a small band to a small force to a full-blown army is something deeply satisfying/inspirational. I have several unbuilt armies in various boxes and never really find the motivation or time needed to actually stay building them, but still appreciate to see that others do. So don't underestimate your positive influence :). Keep it going, show in-between steps, show what can be done with the Mantic minis. There is a severe lack of quality content about them particular on social media, I assume since he products have a broader audience and all the influencers focus on that necessarily. So your blog serves a purpose and I got one am always happy to see an update! To another year!!


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