Dungeon Saga Origins : Ultimate Pledge Extras

The Ultimate Pledge for Dungeon Saga Origins is a bunch of 3D terrain (all previously released in the Terrain Crate range - and some of it was from the original Dungeon Saga: Dwarf Kings Hold kickstarter).  In addition, there is a dice tray, card mat, and Overlord screen.

The box is simply plain white.

Opening it is first the dice tray.  This is a flat neoprene mat with snaps in the four corners to turn it into a tray.  This uses the base game artwork.

Then there is a mat for the cards and tokens used during the game.  This uses the artwork from the Mirrors of Malice expansion

Then there is the overlord screen.  This is in four panels, each using one of the art pieces from the game and the expansions.  Inside of it are four reference sheets giving the overlord much of the information needed to run the game at their fingertips.

These were the reasons I did the Ultimate pledge - I have all the fantasy (and modern) terrain crate stuff, but it turns out it was only like $5 more for the terrain than to get the tray,  mat and screen separately.

The terrain comes in a separate, all white box inside the white box.

There is one large bag (containing several others), and three smaller bags.

In the large bag are six smaller bags.  Three of them contain hard plastic doors.

There is something special about these doors.  They are made of a different plastic mix than the standard plastic sprue.  What gives me is that they make such a satisfying clink when shaken together.  I don't know why I like it, but I do.

One bag is half a library pack

One is the dungeon essentials pack

Half of the Dungeon Debris Pack ( pile of logs, pile of crates, crate, debris barricades, piles of debris,  2 skull2, rat swarm & rat)

One of the smaller bags held two bags in it as well.  This is the wizards study pack

Then there is a bag containing the torture chamber pack.  This contains a cage, 2 torture racks, 2 Torture Tables, 2 Surgical Tray Tables, 2 Coffins with removable lids,  2 Iron Maidens/Sarcophogi with  removable lids, 2 Mummified Corpses, 2 Skeletons

and lastly half the treasury pack

So enough terrain for the base game and all three expansions.

Because it is all fun and games . . .


  1. Just completed Scenario 3 on the main campaign, finding not enough terrain to cover the scenario needs. Needed additional Treasure Chests and Debris to block off passage ends. Using Book cases as a work around.


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