A New Hope

So we had the 4th War Kings GT - I tried to go with a Star Wars Episode 4 theme, and commissioned art work from my son-in-law (you can check out more of his art at https://www.artstation.com/ketirz ).

We had 18 players again at Game Table Adventures in Newark Ohio.

(Back) Janner Holliday, Blake Shrode, Matthew Temple, Scott Sallee, Cyle Pool, Steve Malone, Paul Cravo, Kara Brown, Erich Trowbridge, Steven de la Varga, Jake Ciarapica.  (Front) Kyle Ritchey, Felix Castro, Grace Patterson, Noah Hutton, Marshall Temple.  (Not Pictured) Eric Reiss, Tom Ziegler

Everyone checked in, getting a free hill, forest and water neoprene terrain piece, and $10 store credit

We had a couple of fun challenges for first round (where people ask to play each other instead of the random pairings).  What was fun is both these challenges had their own little trophies.

First was Cyle Pool v Kyle Ritchey - battling for the best K/C yle award..
Cyle Pool v Kyle Ritchey

Berst K/C yle award

Mr, Pool claimed this coveted trophy with a beat down of Mr. Ritchey

But of course they still parted as friends :-)

Then Scott Sallee challenged Felix Castro for the Pride of Hodenburg, a halfling on halfling battle.  But Felix brought Northern Alliance to a halfling fight ;-).

Felix Castro v Scott Sallee

This rivalry ended with Scott surrendering the precious trophy to Felix!

The rest of the games were just as much fun even if the pairings were random and no trophies were on the line.

Matthew Temple v Blake Shrode

Tom Ziegler v Erich Trowbridge

Noah Hutton v Kara Brown

Grace Patterson v Jake Ciarapica

Paul Cravo v Steven de la Garza

Janner Holliday v Marshall Temple

Eric Reiss v Steve Malone

We took a break for lunch from Jimmy Johns, giving a chance to do paint judging and allow players to vote for both their favorite army AND their favorite war king model.

Jake Ciarapica's Undead

Grace Patterson's FishNightStalkers

Matthew Temple's Goblins

Blake Shrode's Abyssal Dwarfs

Steven de la Garza's Varangur

Kara Brown's Riftforged Orcs

Noah Hutton's Abyssal Dwarfs

Paul Cravo's Sylvan Kin

Eric Reiss' Twilight Kin

Steve Malone's Salamanders

Marshall Temple's Undead

Tom Ziegler's Kingdoms of Men

Erich Trowbridge's Orcs

Scott Sallee's Halflings

Felix Castro's Northern Alliance

Kyle Ritchey's Ogres

Cyle Pool's Goblins

Janner Holliday's Northern Alliance

This tournament is run by the Ohio War Kings - so as part of the tournament everyone brings a special War King character, and there is an award for the favorite War King Model

Jake Ciarapica

Grace Patterson

Matt Temple - one of my personal favorites - Jareth the Goblin King (from Labyrinth)

Blake Shrode

Steve Malone

Kara Brown

Noah Hutton

Paul Cravo - another of my favorites

Eric Reiss

Steve Malone

Marshall Temple - this is my favorite (Slimer in an undead army)

Tom Ziegler

Erich Trowbridge

Scott Sallee

Felix Castro

Kyle Ritchey

Cyle Pool

Janner Holliday

So with everyone fed, Round 2 started right on time

Jake Ciarapica v Janner Holliday

Matthew Temple v Paul Cravo

Kara Brown v Cyle Pool

Scott Sallee v Grace Patterson

Erich Trowbridge v Eric Reiss - the battle of the Eric(h)s!

Tom Ziegler v Felix Castro

Noah Hutton v Kyle Ritchey

Steve Malone v Marshall Temple

Steve de la Garza v Blake Shrode

We managed to start round 3 off right on time as well (I love it when a plan comes together).

Steve de la Garza v Felix Castro

Battle of the War Queens - Kara Brown v Grace Patterson

Cyle Pool v Eric Reiss

Paul Cravo v Jake Ciarapica

Matthew Temple v Tom Ziegler

Janner Holliday v Erich Trowbridge

Noah Hutton v Marshall Temple

Blake Shrode v Scott Sallee

Kyle Ritchey v Steve Malone

After a good night's rest everyone gathered back again on Sunday morning to finish things off.  Unfortunately two of our players had to withdraw, but we continued with 16.

Jake Ciarapica v Erich Trowbridge

Grace Patterson v Matthew Temple

Janner Holliday v Kara Brown

Paul Cravo v Cyle Pool

The battle of Steves!!!  Steve Malone v Steven de la Garza

Abyssal Dwarf Civil War with Noah Hutton v Blake Shrode

Kyle Ritchey v Felix Castro

Scott Sallee v Marshall Temple

I'm not sure how much the awards, prizes and swag influences players, but we try to have as much as possible.  At registration everyone got a 3d printed hill, neoprene water/difficult terrain, neoprene forest and $10 credit to the store.  Plus as many 3d printed steps (to support units partially on hills) as they wanted.

Then there is the award / door prize table.

Winner gets a $100 gift card to the store, Best General / Best Appearance and Best Sportsman get $50 gift cards (and the best sportsman - the Jesse Cornwell Sportsman award, also gets the Ogre Shaman miniatured based on and designed by Jesse himself!).  Favorite army and Favorite WarKing each get $25 (these are the only awards that can be give with another award, as they are purely based on player votes).  And of course new dice for the "Dice Hate Me" award for last place.

We then do door prizes for everyone that did not get a 50/100 gift card - starting with the bottom player up (as typically the worse someone performs, the more they need 'help' in the form of prizes.  We have excellent prizes from Mantic and the Ohio War Kings - everything from the new Clash of Kings book, a Firefight 2 player starter, 2 copies of the new Barroom Brawl Advent Calendar/game, six ambush starter and others.  Even an unboxed horde of Impalers (2 sprues), troop of void touched (two sprues) and four corsairs (1 sprue) for those wanting to get started with the new Twilight Kin (yes, they are what I had left from my Mega Army - in case anyone wants them.

After pizza for lunch, we got started just a few minutes late for the final round.

Paul Cravo v Kyle Ritchey

Marshall Temple v Kara Brown

Noah Hutton v Scott Sallee

Cyle Pool v Felix Castro

Jake Ciarapica v Matthew Temple

Blake Shrode v Janner Holliday

Erich Trowbridge v Steven de la Garza

And then, after some furious data entry, it was all over.

So we typically announce awards from the bottom up

So first the Dice Hate Me award.  This is to the last place player - because obviously their score has nothing to do with their skill at the game, but is all dice that truly hate them.  They get new dice!  Scott Sallee took it home

The Counter-Charger certificate is for the person who comes in exactly in them middle of the pack.  This was 'earned' by Steve de la Garza.

Favorite Army was voted on by our players, and went to Grace Patterson for her FishStalkers

Favorite War King was also voted on by our players, and went to Jake Ciarapica.

Best Appearance in an extremely close race (broken by the votes for Favorite Army) also goes to Jake Ciarapica.

The Jesse Cornwell sportsman award went to Noah Hutton.  One thing that I absolutely love to see is every person at the tournament received at least one favorite opponent vote.  That just shows how friendly the community is, and is itself a tribute to the prophet of Pizza Jesus himself.

Best General is for the highest battle score (that didn't win).  This went to Paul Cravo, whose only loss was to the winner

And finally, the tournament overall winner, with a record of 4-0-1, was Cyle Pool.

For full army lists and score details, you can go to the tournament score page at War Kings IV

A big thank you to Game Table Adventures for the great gaming space, and Mantic games for making such a fun game and being so generous with prize support.

Also thank you to all our players, and we hope to have even more next year!

Because it is all fun and games . . .