A bunch of adventurers walk into a bar

Back in August, Ronnie and Mantic announced their first ever advent calendar - based on the game Bar Room Brawl that has been played at conventions and open days for quite some time.  This would be a festive, limited edition of the game.

Ok, does anyone doubt that I was on the first round of orders?  The biggest worry I had was were these going to get to people in time - that is critical for something like this.  Well I got a fedex shipping notice on Friday, and the box arrived today!  So of course, let's take a look.

The box is beautiful, and makes a very pleasant rattle when shaken, for all the goodies inside.

You flip up the lid, and the game board is revealed, with 24 'randomly' placed doors in the box.

I do have a concern about the board however.  It can't sit flat to play the game on.  It seems to me that the solution would be to take a hobby knife and carefully cut it off - once everything is revealed, of course.  Then perhaps you would be able to slip it inside the box under the open doors to hold everything you have opened in.  We'll just have to see after we have opened them all - which of course won't be until Christmas Eve.

Because only a grinch would have spoilers and see anything in there early.  And I know none of MY readers wants to spoil this great Christmas tradition.

Because it is all fun and games . . .