Gencon 2023

Every August the elusive species known as the gaming geek (gamerus geekius) congregates in Indianapolis for the best four days in gaming - Gencon.  This is the 20th year that Gencon has been in Indianapolis, attracting 70,000 people.

I have attended every Gencon in Indy, and this have been running Kings of War (and other Mantic events) since 2013.  This year I ran 11 events - Learn to Play for Kings of War, Armada and Vanguard, as well as the How You Use It! tournament.

Wednesday afternoon was set up, as we were in hall A this year.

I had three session of Learn To Play Kings of War, with room for 8 players each. 

I did four sessions of Learn to Play Armada with 8 seats each

and 3 sessions of Learn to Play Vanguard with for up to 8 players each.

I was feeling really good during set up, as 9 of my 10 Learn To Play events were sold out.  Plus the only one that wasn't had 4 tickets sold.

Unfortunately this year had the most no shows ever - with so many sold out, only one of my events was actually full.

We did have great attendance at the How You Use It! tournament with 10 players (once again having 3 registered players fail to show)

Back Row: Dan White, Blake Shrode, Mike Gallagher, Scott Johnson, Kara Brown, Rebecca Augustine, Doug Schumann.
Front Row : Kyle Ritchie, Scott Sallee, Alexandre Adrian

1st Round

Mike Gallagher v Scott Johnson

Kara Brown v Doug Schumann

Dan White v Blake Shrode

Alexandre Adrian v Rebecca Agustine

Scott Sallee v Kyle Ritchie

Round 2
Round 3

Dan White with the "Dice Hate Me" Award

3rd Place - Scott Johnson

2nd Place - Kyle Ritchie

1st Place - Blake Shrode

Final Results

PlaceNameArmy 1Opponent 1Army 2Opponent 2Army 3Opponent 3AttritionTotalAwards
1Blake ShrodeRiftforged OrcsDan WhiteForces of NatureDoug SchumannVarangurScott Johnson1810531st
2Kyle RitcheyDwarfsScott SalleeSalamandersDan WhiteNorthern AllianceAlexandre Adrian1650412nd
3Scott JohnsonOgresMike GallagherBasileansAlexandre AdrianSalamandersBlake Shrode1620413rd
4Scott SalleeUndeadKyle RitcheyTrident RealmsMike GallagherRatkinKara Brown108541 
5Kara BrownNightstalkersDoug SchumannElvesRebecca AgustineGoblinsScott Sallee182040 
6Mike GallagherEmpire of DustScott JohnsonAbyssal DwarfsScott SalleeRiftforged OrcsDoug Schumann117031 
7Rebecca AgustineGoblinsAlexandre AdrianKingdoms of MenKara BrownOgresDan White92529 
8Doug SchumannNorthern AllianceKara BrownForces of the AbyssBlake ShrodeHalflingsMike Gallagher96527 
9Alexandre AdrianRatkinRebecca AgustineOrcsScott JohnsonNightstalkersKyle Ritchey75527 
10Dan WhiteHalflingsBlake ShrodeVarangurKyle RitcheyEmpire of DustRebecca Agustine106019Dice Hate Me

As always it was a fun, if exhausting time.  It is always great seeing old friends and teaching new people great games.

Because it is all fun and games . . .


  1. Mike G here: thanks for the games and all the work for these events! I will highly recommend this for next year. Now that I dipped into Armada I am really interested in finding where I could get those status counters. They are a game changer for ease of play. I looked but could not find them.

  2. I'll finally be making GenCon next year and am excited to get some Mantic in with you and the Midwest crew!

    1. ^ Forgot to sign in so I'm slightly less anonymous!


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