Tempus Fugitive

It seems like it was just a few years ago that Carl Ramsey was just settling down and starting a family - and now those kids are all grown up. Well, close to it. Of course with a prodigy like theirs, hijinks are bound to ensue.

Jessie has followed in her father's footsteps, joining the Earth Navy, and is slowly working her way up the ranks. Her brother Eric has taken a different route, more in with their "Uncle Enzio", studying wizardry somewhat beyond what is acceptable. Being on probation after an accident with the the forbidden form of magic known as Chronomancy, he just can't seem to keep on the straight and narrow.

He just wanted to show his sister a tiny bit, but instead of jumping one second to the future, they jump five years.

And so begins the next series on the Black Ocean. This definitely feels like the beginning of something more. We are just getting introduced to the characters, and neither the they nor the reader is quite sure what actually happened in the time jump. It is nice to have some quick cameos from old favorite characters to help to tie this into the previous series of books, but it does seem to also be a good jumping on point for new readers.

Morin continues his cinematic style, easily involving you so that it is almost like watching this and not reading it. He sets up the characters so the reader is invested in who they are and how they are going to fix things, or at least survive, in this crazy new world in which they find themselves.

The book ends with a great twist, and I definitely want to know more. There may be more questions than answers, but things are set up to begin telling the story beyond the straight tag line.

Of course he continues to use song title puns - though this was one I wasn't familiar with at al (I didn't get into Yes until 90125, and had to rely on google to get more than just the latin pun).

I look forward to the next piece of the story.

Because it is all fun and games . . .