Gem City Mayssacre 2 - Electric Boogaloo

So once again players in and around south west Ohio gathered for a sold out day of fun and exciting Kings of War with the return of the Gem City Massacre.  (Credit where credit is due - Felix Castro used Electric Boogaloo in his list name, and while I tend to think this every time I see anything listed with a 2, I did not think of it this time before I saw this.  There goes another corner off my geek/dad card (how many corners does it have anyway?)

Front (Henry Williams, Grace Patterson, Felix Castro)
Middle (Steve Malone, James Hutcherson, Janner Holliday, Jeff Franz, Matt Temple, Kara Brown)
Back (Erich Trowbridge, Paul Cravo, Jimmy Livers, Jim Livers, Marshall Temple, Don Gorman)

We started off with a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday to Kara Brown, celebrating one more trip around the sun by playing in the tournament.  Plus her wife Amy made a wonderful (if HUGE) buttercream frosted double decker cake (with blackberries in the middle) for everyone at the event.

We did a great job of sticking to the schedule, starting with the first round.

John Dorney v Paul Cravo

Jimmy Livers v Jeff Franz

Grace Patterson v Felix Castro

Erich Trowbridge v Don Gorman

Janner Holliday v Kara Brown

Matt Temple v Henry Williams

Steve Malone v James Hutcherson

Marshall Temple v Jim Livers

We quickly jumped into the second round

Janner Holliday v Felix Castro

Steve Malone v Paul Cravo

James Hutcherson v Matt Temple

John Dorney v Don Gorman

Jimmy Livers v Grace Patterson

Marshall Temple v Kara Brown

Henry Williams v Erich Trowbridge

Jim Livers v Jeff Franz

We then had a dinner break with pizza and drinks provided by the Ohio War Kings.  During this time all the armies were set up for paint judging and favorite army voting.

Matt Temple's disturbing Goblins (these are truly evil - sacrificing and skinning slaves)

James Hutcherson's Sylvan Kin

Kara Brown's Riftforged Orcs

Marshall Temple's Undead

Jimmy Liver's Brothermark

Grace Patterson's Nightstalkers

Henry Williams' Forces of the Abyss

Erich Trowbridge's Order of the Green Lady

Paul Cravo's Sylvan Kin

Steve Malone's Empire of Dust

Jeff Franz's Salamanders

John Dorney's Empire of Duat

Felix Castro's Halflings

Janner Holliday's Undead

Don Gorman's Salamanders

Jim Liver's Halflings

With everyone's armies weighed and measured (and none found wanting) and everyone well fed, the third round started right on time.

James Hutcherson v Jim Livers

Don Gorman v Janner Holliday

Grace Patterson v Kara Brown

Steve Malone v Erich Trowbridge

Matt Temple v John Dorney

Felix Castro v Paul Cravo
Don Gorman's Salamanders

Henry Williams v Jeff Franz

Marshall Temple v Jimmy Livers

And with that, the Booga had Loo'ed.

Don Gorman took the coveted "Dice Hate Me" award for last place, including new dice!

Henry Willliams took Best Appearance for his Forces of the Abyss army, netting him a $30 gift card to the store

Jimmy Livers took the Jess Cornwell Sportsman Award, with the Ogre warlock based (and designed) by the prophet of Pizza Jesus himself, and a $30 store gift card.

Steve Malone won the Best General award, tying the overall champion for battle points, and earning him a $30 gift card

And the birthday girl herself (who got to play because one registered player didn't come) won overall, and a $60 gift card.  Knowing how good she plays, no one went easy on her and she deserved the win (one of many)

To top it off, we raised $85 (rounded up to an even $100) for the foodbank!

Thanks to all the players for a great event.  Thank you to Epic Loot for the space and being such wonderful hosts.  Full results are available at Gem City Mayssacre 2, Electric Boogaloo

Because it is all fun and games . . .