Adepticlash 2023

This past weekend was time for the Adepticlash tournament at Adepticon.  This year we had room for up to 48, and had 42.

(front) Kyle Ritchey, Jeremy Duvall, Grace Patterson, Brinton Williams, Billy Heinnger, Rob Phaneuf, Donny Krosch, Adam Ballard, 

Everyone was excited for Round 1 to get started with all the players.

Billy Henninger v Jeff Schilten

Rob Phaneuf v Kyle Ritchey

Erik Greiner v Travis Timm

Donny Krosch v Kris DeGrow

Marshall Temple v Alan Wigess

Corey Reynolds v Erich Trowbridge

Tylet Schultz v Mark Temple

John Green v Tony Rodgers

Drew Richardson v Henry Williams

Jesse Berglund v Janner Holliday

Grant Fetter v Jason Birr

David Baker v Matthew Temple

Matt Tucker v Adam Ballard

Sean Vilmont v Tim Akers

Zess Williams v Jeremy Duvall

Keith Randall v Marcelo Rouco

Brinton Williams v Felix Castro

Tom Annis v Steve Mallone

Blake Shrode v Chris Pelletier

Dan Zarembski v Trent Sosebee

We then broke for lunch, and Kyle Przelenski agreed to do the paint judging.  The armies all looked fantastic.  Adepticon does not allow for non-painted armies, so it was very easy for everyone to max out the amount of the paint score (max of 25 pts) that went to their overall score.  (There was a max of 40 points available, plus 100 pts if it was a 90% Mantic army (to separate the Mantic from non-Mantic ones).

Jeff Schiltgen's Ogres

Kyle Ritchey's Ogres

Travis Timm's Northern Alliance

Kris DeGrow's Empire of Dust

Alan Wigness' Order of the Green Lady

Erich Trowbridge's Dwarfs

Corey Reynolds' Forces of the Abyss

Marshall Temple's Undead

Erik Greiner's Free Dwarfs

Rob Phaneuf's Salamanders

Billy Heinger's Trident Realm of Neritica

Tim Lonas' Ratkin Slaves

Tyler Schultz's Ratkin

John Green's Twilight Kin

Drew Richardson's Northern Alliance

Jesse Berglund's Twilight Kin

Zess William's Elves

Jeremy Duvall's Ogres

Janner Holliday's Undead

Henry Williams' Forces of the Abyss

Tony Rodger's Abyssal Dwarfs

Mark Temple's Ogres

Grace Patterson's Nightstalkers

Grant Fetter's Basileans

Dave Baker's Salamanders

Sean Vilmont's Orcs

Tim Akers' Ogres

Adam Ballard's Nightstalkers

Matthew Temple's Forces of the Abyss

Jason Birr's Elves

Keith Randall's Elves

Brinton Williams' Ogres

Tom Annis' Varangur

Blake Shrode's Abyssal Dwarfs

Trent Sosebee's  Undead

Donny Rosch's Goblins

Dan Zarembski's Orcs

Chris Pelletier's Undead

Steve Mallone's Ratkin

Felix Castro's Halflings

Marcelo Roucco's Order of the Green Lady

Players voted on their favorite armies and the favorite model for "Ronnie the Bard".  This was an optional model a player could bring (or just use a token)  

Felix Castro

Chris Pelletier

Dan Zarembski

Trent Sosebee

Tom Annis

Brinton Williams

Jason Birr

Matthew Temple

Tim Akers

Sean Vilmot

Grant Fetter

Henry Williams

Janner Holliday

Drew Richardson

Tyler Schultz

Tim Lonas

Kyle Ritchey

Travis Timm

Erik Trowbridge

Marshall Temple

Grace Patterson

Then we got started with round 2

Jeff Schiltgen v Adam Ballard

Matthew Temple v Tim Lonas

Tyler Schultz v Drew Richardson

Steve Mallone v Jeremy Duvall

Sean Vilmont v Dan Zarembski

Alan Wigness v Chris Pelletier

Zess Williams v Erik Greier

Donny Krosch v Grant Fetter

Marshall Temple v Trent Sosebee

Kris DeGrow v Rob Phaneuf

Jason Birr v David Baker

Eric Trowbridge v Kyle Ritchey

Corey Reynolds vs Tom Annis

Bill Henninger v Tim Akers

Mark Temple v Keith Randall

Henry Williams v Tony Rodgers

Janner Holliday v John Green

Felix Castro v Travis Timm

Marcelo Rouco v Grace Patterson

Jesse Berglund v Brinton Williams

We finished off Day 1 with a third round, with Mantic Open night following 

Trent Sosebee v David Baker

Drew Richardson v Keith Randall

Bill Foreman (sitting in as a ringer player) v Marshall Temple

Matthew Temple v Erik Greiner

Donny Krosch

Tim Lonas v Tyler Schultz

Adam Ballard v John Green

Steve Mallone v Chris Pelletier

Sean Vilmont v Erich Trowbridge

Billy Henninger v Tom Annis

Kris DeGrow v Marcelo Rouco

Jason Birr v Travis Timm

Kyle Ritchey v Corey Reynolds

Jeff Schiltgen v Dan Zarembski

Jeremy Duvall v Dan Zarembski

Jesse Burglad v Felix Castro

Henry Williams v Alan Wigness

Grace Patterson v Rob Phaeuf

Tony Rodgers v Tim Akers

Mark Temple v Brinton Williams

So after a fun time hearing about upcoming plans at Mantic night, we all got a bit of rest, and were back bright eyed and bushy tailed.  Ok, bleary eyed and dragging ass, but still ready to roll more dice for round 4

Blake Shrode v Janner Holliday

Keith Randall v Tim Lonas

Travis Timm v Erich Trowbridge

Jeremy Duvall v Chris Pelletier

Jeff Schiltgen v Alan Wigness

Felix Castro v Billy Henninger

Rob Phaneuf v Corey Reynolds

Dan Zarembski v Tom Annis

Zess Williams v John Green

Jason Birr v Jesse Burglund

Kyle Ritchey v Erik Greiner

Tyler Schultz v Steve Mallone

Drew Richardson v Sean Vilmont

Marcelo Rouco v David Baker

Henry Williams v Grace Patterson

Kris DeGrow v Adam Ballard

Donny Krosch v Trent Sosebee

Tim Akers v Matthew Temple

Mark Temple v Marshall Temple

Brinton Williams v Tony Rodgers

We had awards from both Mantic and Adepticon, and enough prize support so that everyone walked away with something.

After a short delay due to the TOs sloppy typing (i.e. a typo in the tournament configuration), round 5 got off to see who would win the day.

Jason Birr v Jeff Schiltgen

Steve Mallone v Donny Krosch

Kyle Ritchey v Mark Temple

Zess Williams v Marcelo Rouco

Tony Rodgers v Marshall Temple

Blake Shrode v Trent Sosebee

Tim Akers v Rob Phaneuf

Keith Radall v Jeremy Duvall

Matthew Temple v Tyler Schultz

Grace Patterson v Jesse Burglund

Dave Baker v Tim Lonas

Tom Annis v Chris Pelletier

Dan Zarembski v Billy Henninger

Erich Trowbridge v Adam Ballard

John Green v Brinton Williams

Henry Williams v Sean Vilmont

Kris DeGrow v Travis Timm

Drew Richardson v Corey Reynolds

Felix Castro v Erik Greiner

Janner Holliday v Alan Wigness

And with that the dice were thrown, scores tabulated, and the winners announced:

Maybe Mark Temple might want to try D8's for more success

Perfectly average Marcelo Rouco with his new Counter-Charge dice

Felix Castro had the Favorite Ronnie with his reverse mermaid

Corey Reynolds Forces of the Abyss were the favorite army

Brinton Williams had the Best Painted Mantic Army

Grace Patterson won the Jesse Cornwell Sportsmanship award (again)

Keith Randall was the Best General

Travis Timm won the overall championship, and since he had an army that was 90% (or more) Mantic models, he will get to design an original piece of art for the next edition of Kings of War.

If you want to see all the results, go to Adepticlash 2023 Results

A special thank you to Blake Shrode for helping out ad filling in as the ringer (and to Bill Foreman for giving Blake a rest one round).  Also thanks to Adepticon, Mantic Games, The Friday Night Garage Gamers and the Ohio War Kings for the prize support.

Here's hoping for an even better next year!

Because it is all fun and games . . .


  1. Great article! Love it now I can place all the names I have heard about and met in person. Thanks for making this. Look forward to future events.


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