Secrets of the Wizard's Tower

The second release for the new Dungeon Adventures series is Secrets of the Wizard's Tower.  This is an adventure designed for 4 characters of 4th level (there are adjustments included in the adventure for different levels and number of characters).

Let's take a look at what you get.

 In the box are a booklet with the adventure notes, a two sided map, and three bags of terrain pieces.

There are two sets with components from the Wizard's Study set

and one from the Dungeon Debris set.


If you are a player, you might not want to go further, as in order to talk about what is in the box some of the secrets are going to be revealed.  

That being said, the map is a nice full color two sided map with 1" grid lines

And finally the adventure booklet.  This has all the information needed for the adventure - creature stats, trap descriptions, and a guide to show where everything is placed when they are encountered.

Ok, if you insisted on seeing what is in the box even though you hope to play it, you must stop now.  It is bad enough you have seen the maps, but to find out what actually happens in the adventure will definitely spoil the fun.

If you ran your players through the first adventure in this series, then they found a portal that takes them to the path to this adventure.  Otherwise it can easily be placed into any setting.

In the free Dungeon Adventures module Chamber of the Crimson Drake is designed to use the terrain and monsters in the Game Master's Starter Set.

The first adventure, Into the Necromancer's Lair, is close to be useable with some terrain crate monster sets (details on my review)

Unfortunately, this one doesn't seem to easily match to any existing sets.

The monsters you will need for this are

2 toad leeches (medium beast)
1 surf hunter (medium humanoid)
3 deep maidens (medium monstrosity)

If you participated in the League of Infamy Kickstarter and did the Master of Shadows pledge, which included the Siren's Wrath expansion (or is you bought it separately) then you have some Trident Realm minis you could use for these
2 toad leeches - riverguard
1 surf hunter - placodern
3 deep maidens - nokken

I hope that Mantic will soon release these in a set (much like they did the Wandering Beasts, which are from also from the kickstarter as part of the base pledge).
Otherwise either pick up trident realm miniatures (there are some for vanguard if available, or for Kings of War).

4 candle fiends (medium fiend)
1 mirror wraith (medium fiend)
1 red gatekeeper (large fiend)

For the fiends, a Denizens of the Abyss set could be used
You could use

4 demons as candle fiends (these are lower abyssals and abyssal guads

Restless soul as the mirror wraith (the tortured soul)
Demon Overseer as the red gatekeeper (the moloch)

Lastly you need

5 pirate ship hands (human)
1 pirate character (elf)

I do not know of any human (or elf) pirates that Mantic makes to use for these.  They don't even make many human models period.  League of Infamy did make "The Bosun" - a pirate ogre, but it is a bit large for an elf (though it would  make a great pirate leader).

Aside from getting the monster models, the module itself looks fun.  The first half is a fairly straightforward fight, but the second half is a puzzle for the players to solve.  I also like the fact that the puzzle is actually a trap - one of those times where it may have been better overall to have left everything alone (a tiny bit like Tomb of Horrors, but not nearly as deadly).

There aren't really any continuing hooks at the end.  


So a nice adventure to throw in when you need something to fill a session or two between the actual plot points.

Of course, this was written under OGL 1.0 - so for anyone interested in that bit of fun.

Because it is all fun and games . . .