Ogre Here, Ogre There

 I just can't wait to get Ogre Ogre there.

I few weeks ago I reviewed the new hard plastic Ogre Chariot regiment kit from Mantic.  At the time I only had one of the two new Ogre sprues.  Well Mantic Games was nice enough to send me a pair of sprues so I could actually finish my review of the new ogres!

The box will contain two sprues - each which makes 3 ogres (so the six needed for a horde).  There are enough bits to make ALL of them equipped with standard Sword & Board (i.e. hand weapon and shield), two handed weapons, or blunderbusses (i.e. boomers).

Sprue 1 has the female bodies on it (my previous review only had sprue 2).  However it has 6 more heads (giving you 10 heads for 6 bodies), and all the weapons are different than on the other sprue.

Once again, the arms are matched by letter and number, the first sprue being A-C, the second D-F.  To help you match up the left and right arms, all the bodies use the same numbering scheme

2/32 Handed Weapons
6Hand Weapon

That mean, if you always match up the arms (which you need to do for 5 of the 2 handed weapons and 5 of the blunderbusses), you can get a stunning 12,960 variations of ogre with this kit.  (There are actually more when you start mixing up the shields and hand weapons).  Still - this simple kit has enough variety for almost any army.

Plus don't forget it is compatible with the old ogre bits (if you have those) - 3 more bodies, a bunch of heads, another blunderbuss, two more 2-handed weapons and 2 more hand weapon - shield combination.- without the heads that increases the number of variants to over 150 thousand!  If you have the older bodies, put them in chariots or in the back of hordes so the legs are less noticeable :-)

I didn't think it would be of great use to show all the individual parts of the new sprue - they are there after all.  I made them into a regiment of boomers to update my demo army.

Then to compare a new boomer with an old one

One of them is holding her blunderbuss in such a way, it just made me think of an electric guitar - so I had to pull out my Shreddin' Bhetee from the League of Infamy Kickstarter!

I can't help but hope someone uses that mini for Ronnie the Bard sometime!

Seeing the second sprue just reinforces what an improvement this kit is over the originals.  I expected only the bodies and heads to be different - no all the weapon arms to be unique as well.  It seems that each new hard plastic kit is better than the one before.

I have never been a fan of elves, but I am really looking forward to seeing what they will do with the upcoming Twilight Kin hard plastics sometimes this year.

Because it is all fun and games . . .


  1. Thanks for the review. I don't know, to me there seems to be some issues with the arms? They don't seem to fit as naturally as the old ones did (looking at your comparison picture with the old one here).. I also don't think you can match those, the bulkiness on the new plastic is too much, but that might be up to the eye of the beholder... :) Still a nice kit.

  2. I bought the same one and can't wait to paint them!


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