Gem City Massacre 2022

On Saturday December 3rd, we held the 7th Gem City Massacre - once again at Epic Loot Games in Centerville OH.  This year we filled the store with 16 players, a fantastic turnout.  This was our capacity, though the store did give us two more tables (Friday night we had 18 players) but we had a total of three people having to drop due to illness.

Austin Lesh, Jim Livers, Steve Malone, Don Gorman, Tom Ziegler, Henry Williams, Marshall Temple, Paul Cravo, Jimmy Livers, Dave Baker, Grace Patterson, Matthew Temple, Erich Trowbridge, Felix Castro, Dan White and Kara Brown.

We had three players come up from northern Kentucky who were a little late, so we got started a bit late.  Once everyone was there Round 1 started.

Henry Williams v Paul Cravo

Felix Castro v Jimmy Livers

Austin Lesh v Kara Brown

Erich Trowbridge v Marshall Temple

Tom Ziegler v David Baker

Jim Livers v Dan White

Steve Malone v Don Gorman

Matthew Temple v Grace Patterson

The Ohio War Kings provided pizza for lunch, as well as trophies and door prizes.  Mantic Games gave us gift codes for the winners as well.

Everyone walked away with something!
Also during lunch all the armies were on display for appearance judging, favorite army voting, and favorite special character.  

Don Gorman's Forces of Nature

Steve Malone's Forces of the Abyss

Grace Patterson's Fishstalkers (Nightstalkers)

Matthew Temple's Forces of the Abyss

Marshall Temple's Undead

Erich Trowbridge's Goblins

David Baker's Salamanders

Tom Ziegler's Forces of Nature

Henry William's Forces of the Abyss

Felix Castro's Halflings

Kara Brown's Riftforged Orcs

Austin Lesh's Undead

Dan White's Abyssal Dwarfs

Jimmy Liver's Twilight Kin

Jim Liver's Goblins

Paul Cravo's Sylvan Kin

In addition, each player brought a special character - Kringle for good armies, Krampus for evil (and neutral picked).  They all had the same profile, and all had specific tournament objectives.

Don Gorman's Jack Frost as Krampus

Steve Malone's Krampus

Grace Patterson's Krampus

Matthew Temples Reaper Sophie as Krampus

Marshall Temple's Jack Skellington as Krampus

Erich Trowbridge's Krampus

David Baker's Kringle

Tom Zieglers Krampus

Henry Williams actually did Kringle fighting Krampus!

Felix Castro's Kringle

Kara Brown's Krampus

Austin Lesh's Krampus

Dan White's Krampus

Jimmy Livers' Krampus

Jim Livers' Krampus

Paul Cravo's Kringle

So after much pizza was consumed and the armies were weighed, measured (and hopefully not found wanting), everyone picked their favorites and round 2 started up!

Jim Livers v Grace Patterson

Jimmy Livers v Matthew Temple

Erich Trowbridge v Dan White

Kara Brown v Tom Ziegler

Austin Lesh v Steve Malone

Henry Williams v Felix Castro

Don Gorman v Marshall Temple

Paul Cravo v David Baker

We took a small break, and then got started on the final round.

Felix Castro v Paul Cravo

David Baker v Steve Malone

Matthew Temple v Austin Lesh

Erich Trowbridge v Jimmy Livers

Henry Williams v Don Gorman

Jim Livers v Tom Ziegler

Kara Brown v Dan White

Marshall Temple v Grace Patterson

And that wrapped it up.  We actually had two players go 3-0 (which can happen with only 3 games and 16 players), but scenario and attrition points gave us clear (but close) winners.

Don Gorman got the Dice Hate Me award (because it was his dice that caused him to come in last place) and new Ohio War Kings Dice and Wound Cards

Henry Williams took the award for Best Krampus for his awesome Kringle v Krampus mini diorama

Grace Patter's Fishstalkers took the Best Appearance award

David Baker won Best Generall with a 3-0 record.

In a repeat of last year, Jim Livers once again came up from Kentucy to win the Jesse Cornwell Sportsman Award.

And with a perfect 3-0 record, Erich Trowbridge won overall.

Full tournament results are at Gem City Massacre 2022, along with round results.

We tried testing the Mantic Companion Tournament software again - however it has not been updated since War Kings, so we will have to wait for the Elliot to be able to do updates.

It was a great time, and I think everyone had fun.  We hope to have room for more next year!

Because it is all fun and games . . .