Grand Prix of Michigan 2022

This past weekend we ran the Kings of War Grand Prix of Michigan, and once again it was a blast.  We had 20 players at the Lansing Convention Center with the other events of the Michigan GT (including Tournaments for Armada, Firefight and Deadzone as well). 

Front - Dave Baker, Rob Phaneuf, Donny Krosch, Matt Temple, Mike Hodgman, Kris Kapsner.  Middle - Jason Black, Matt Hodgman, Dylan Scribner, Blake Shrode, Eric Reiss, Daniel Bryan, Scott Schnlichter, Nathan Johnson.  Back - Jon Carter, Jeff Franz, Tom Ziegler, Marshall Temple, Erich Trowbridge, Kris Degrow

We got started bright early at 9 am on Saturday

Erich Trowbridge v Marshall Temple

Rob Phaneuf v Dave Baker

Jason Black v Kris DeGrow

Dan Bryan v Tom Ziegler

Nathan Johnson v Jeff Franz

Matt Hodgman v Kris Kapsner

Jon Carter v Donny Krosch

Matt Temple v Eric Reiss

Dyklan Scribner v Scott Schlichter

Blake Shrode v Mike Hodgman
After the first round, we took a lunch break and everyone set up their armies for paint judging and favorite army voting.

Blake Shrode's Abyssal Dwarfs

Dan Bryan's Trident Realms of Neritica

David Baker's Salamanders

Donny Krosch's Goblins

Dylan Scribner's Westeros themed Sylvan Kin

Erich Trowbridge's Orcs

Eric Reiss' Nightstalkers

Jason Black's Ogres

Jeff Franz's Salamanders

Jon Carter's Squirrelkin (Ratkin)

Kris DeGrow's Empire of Dust

Kris Kapsner's Herd

Marshall Temple's Undead

Matt Temple's Forces of the Abyss

Matt Hodgman's Dwarfs

Mike Hodgman's Nightstalkers

Nate Johnson's Salamanders

Rob Phaneuf's Kingdom of Men (or Kingdoms of Half-men as he called them)

Schott schlicter's Undead

Tom Ziegler's Ratkin

Then Round 2 started

Nathan Johnson v Matt Hodgman

Dan Byran v Jon Carter

Matt Temple v Schott Schlicter

Erich Trowbridge v Tom Ziegler

Jeff Franz v Donny Krosch

Kris DeGrow v Dylan Scribner

Marshall Temple v Mike Hodgman

Blake Shrode v Eric Reiss

Kris Kapsner v Rob Phaneuf

Jason black v Dave Baker
There was just a quick break between rounds 2 and 3

Eric Reiss v Dylan Scribner

Dan Byran v Nate Johnson

Mike Hodgman v Donny Krosch

Kris DeGrow v Jon Carter

Tom Ziegler v Marshall Temple

Jeff Franz v Dave Baker

Blake Shrode v Rob Phaneuf

Matt on Matt action!!! - Hodgeman v Temple

Kris Kapsner v Erich Trowbridge

Scott Scribner v Jason Black

Thanks to Blake for adding a few additional photos.

Several of us went to Meat BBQ  for dinner Saturday night.  The brisket was delicious!

Back of far table - Jason's friend, Jason Black, Marshall Temple, Matt Temple.
Front of far table - Dan Bryan, Nate Johnson, Jeff Franz.
Back of Near Table - Kris Kapsner, Donny Krosch, Tom Ziegler, Kim Lederer, Eric Reiss.
Front of Near Table - the TO, Dylan Scribner, Rob Phaneuf.

Mantic had a nice booth and was giving Armada demos

Blake had also set up his 'Big Game' for people to see.

Round 4 started Sunday morning.  We had a couple of players just a few minutes late (because the MI-GT web site had the start time wrong), but everyone got playing pretty quickly.

Unfortunately I actually was busy talking about the game with some potential new players, and didn't realize I hadn't gotten any game pictures until the round was almost over

Erich Trowbridges orc regiment get a SECOND snake-eyes in a row from Kris Kapsner, now with 35 wounds on them!

After the fourth round, we had everyone set out their special "Charioteer-X" model for voting.
Blake Shrode

Tom Ziegler

Marshall Temple

Dave Baker

Jon Carter (yes, that is Rocky the Flying Squirrel in front of Bullwinkle flying the plane.  Boris and Natasha are on the rear of the base as well)

Matt Hodgman

Mike Hodgman

Rob Phaneuf

Jason Black

Nate Johnson - the Quacken

Donny Krosch

Matt Temple

Eric Reiss

Dylan Scribner

Dan Byran

Scott Schlicter

Kris Kapsner

Jeff Franz

Kris Degrow
After chariot voting and lunch, we had the final round

Donny Krosch and Kris Kapsner

Mike Hodgman v Scott Schlichter

Matt Hodgman v Dave Baker

Jason Black v Nate Johnson

Blake Shrode v Dylan Scribner

Jeff Franz v Kris DeGrow

Matt Temple v Dan Bryan

Jon Carter v Marshall Temple

Tom Ziegler v Rob Phaneuf

Erich Trowbridge v Eric Reiss

And then it was over.  Everyone walked away with a door prize - we were able to give away 7 Army Boxes, a lot of Terrain Crate stuff, and a $50 gift certificate to Elrik Hobbies.  So thanks to Mantic and the Michigan GT for the fantastic prize support (as well as the mugs for the winners).

First were the 'favorite' awards - voted on by the other players.  First Jon Carter won favorite army for this SquirrelKin.

But Blake would not let him sit down, as he ALSO won the award for Favorite Chariot.  (The only awards you can win multiple of are the voted awards).

Matt Temple won the coveted Counter-Charger award, for coming dead-middle for Battle score.

Donny Krosch won Best Appearance for this Goblins

Dylan Scribner won Best General.

Then finally, to no one's surprise, Kris Kapsner won overall Pole Position - i.e. the Champion.  Kris is truly a triple threat - he actually had the maximum score for Best General, Best Appearance AND Best Sportsman (but could only win the one award). 

Finally, Erich Trowbridge won the Best Sportsman award!

Blake got one more picture of Kris and Donny holding the (wip) trophy that will eventually have each winner's name added to it.

Overall it was a GREAT time, and ran very smoothly.  We did run into a couple of actual rules questions (ex - if a devastated hero gets ShadowBeast cast on him, does he halve those attacks as well (with the current CoK 2021 rules YES, but with the new all-in-one book that comes out next year - NO). 

Blake and I thank all the players for coming out, and we hope to keep this growing.  See  you all next year, and I hope a lot of you at War Kings III November 11 & 12.

Full detailed results are posted at

Because it is all fun and games . . .