Come Sail Away

This year at we held the first Armada tournament at the Michigan GT on Friday night.  Being such a new game, I was happy that we had four players.

Max Morell, Donnie Krosch, David Baker and Blake Shrode

It was an interesting mix - Donnie had actually played in as many tournaments as the other three players had played games - COMBINED.  (Yes, he had been in 3 previous tournaments, while Max had never played, Dave had one game (when I taught him a few weeks ago) and Blake played twice!).  I was a bit surprised however that Max did extremely well (going 1-1) - but then he actually had read the rule book (imagine that!) and watched several youtube videos - and I suspect this was not the first miniature game (and maybe not even the first naval game) he had played.

This was intended to be a light, quick tournament.  Unfortunately I was a little lax running it, so it started to run longer than expected, so instead of doing 3 rounds (round-robin) we just did 2 - but with 4 players 2 is all you truly need.  The players also voted to NOT use the full wind rules (which worked out, as the second scenario (Plant the Flag) cannot be played with the full wind rules (as you have to move INTO the wind to achieve the scenario).

I did get some pictures, though I didn't grab shots of the fleets. (Dave actually used my orc ships, and Blake used one of my dwarf ones).

Max (Salamanders) v Dave (Orcs)

Blake (Dwarfs) v Donnie (Basileans)

Donnie v Max

Dave v Blake

After the two games, they voted on favorite fleet and favorite opponent

Donny won 1st place, with a 2-0 record

Blake took home a mug for Best Fleet

Max took the Favorite Opponent award



Place Name Fleet Opponents Wld Fav opp Fav fleet Awards
1 Donny Krosch Basileans Blake Shrode, Max Morell 4 1 1 Best Overall
2 Max Morell Salamanders Dave Baker, Donny Krosch 2 2   Favorite Opponent
2 Blake Shrode Dwarfs Donny Krosch, Dave Baker 2   2 Best Fleet
4 Dave Baker Orcs Max Morell, Blake Shrode 0 1 1  

There were lessons learned, but I think everyone had fun, and it was a great start before the big GT the next day.

Because it is all fun and games . . .