Big Box . . . OF DOOM!!!!

Mantic is finishing up shipping the new Hellboy expansion / Dice game from kickstarter.  And for Halloween, Mantic is doing a sale on Hellboy.

So now is a great time to take a loot at what is in this kickstarter.  This time Mantic greatly simplified the entire kickstarter - there were only two pledge levels - the Pledge . . . OF DOOM!  and the retailer pledge.  The Pledge of Doom comes in a one box with 4 expansions for the board game, the dice game, and kickstarter exclusive bonuses.  The box is the same size as the Box Full of Evil expansion they did for the first Hellboy Kickstarter.

The box is very well packed (almost too well, but I'll get to that).  Opening it and you get the agent cards and card game instructions on the top

Under these are two clear plastic trays.

In the lower right indentation are the case files for the various expansions.  I do wish they had the expansion symbol that each of them belongs to on the case file card.

The picture on the back of the box shows 4 case files for each expansion, but there are actually only the 8.  I'm just assuming they simply reused the picture for case files.

Without opening the case files and spoiling them - it is obvious that these are for experienced players.  There is one with a Challenge Rating of Hard, 6 that are Ovewhelming, and 1 that is Hellish (which is the largest of any, and even has a warning that players will probably not win - but instead to use it almost as a competition - various groups of players see who can get the furthest.

The small tray holds 11 figures, including most of the heroes and the second biggest monster.

Removing the case files, small tray and larger clear tray shows another layer of figures, with cards beneath where the case files are.

There are 18 smaller figures in this tray, but another clear plastic tray above the large dragon.   One thing to pay attention to is there are two figures taped to the clear tray above the dragon.

So let's go through all the figures etc based on the expansion.

The first one is the Storm and the Fury.

This expansion features the new version of Hellboy - Last King of Britain, as well as the figure for him.

In addition, there is Nimue and her Dragon Form.

The dragon (ok, technically I would say this is actually a Wyvern as it only has two legs) is huge.  It has a wingspan of 9"

I find it interesting that Mantic is already selling the dragon separately in their Terrain Crate line as th- Dungeon Adventures : Dragon.  

In addition, the kickstarted added the Queen's Champion as an additional figure to this expansion.

Finally, it appears that the case file for this expansion is "The Ascent" - the Hellish one.  Of course anyone who has read the Hellboy books knows that this is where Hellboy dies.  This is obvious if you look at the compilations, as the fourth volume is "Hellboy in Hell" - so not really a spoiler there.

The End of Days Expansion is based on the BPRD, giving new agents and a new case file.

The case file here is "Eviction Notice", the single hard case. 

The original kickstarted added four agents, three of which are upgrades to the original agents.  (If you want to an upgrade to Hellboy, well there are several).

First is Abe Sapien Evolved

Then is the new version of Liz - Agent Elizabeth Sherman 

Then is the new version of Johann Kraus.  There are actually two agent cards for him, you can play him as Sledgehammer OR Johann Kraus, Modern Prometheus

The fourth is completely new - Ted Howard (with a very cool pose)

The stretch goals from the kickstarter added two more agents

Ashley Shrode

Finally is the Daryl Tynon.  Officially this is just adding the agent cards for this expansion, as you use the same model for the Wendigo Unexpected Threat.   I'm not sure when this goes to retail if this figure will be included or not.  

The Pandemonium expansion deals with Hellboy in Hell.

This expansion is three new bosses and only a single new minion, and includes "The Flood" case file.

Lord Balam is a major demon

The Black Flame is an undead boss tied to the Ogrdu Hem

And Narvara is a Demon boss in the form of an innocent little girl

In addition thee was a single minion, but a monstrous one, the Hammerhead

Stretch goals added The Wendigo as another minion
hmmm, haven't we seen this before?

Plus it added the Crooked Man (and his case file).  This is one of the two figures taped to inside of the top of the dragon tray.

The final expansion included in the set is Hell on Earth.  This actually provides new minions to use for when frog monsters get a little tired (though no new bosses).  It includes the "Nesting Sites" case file.

Cricket are the new brawler low level minions

Demonic Servants are cowardly minions

Demonic Underlings are ranged minions

and the Ogrdu-Hem Mutants are the brawlers

Finally, the kickstarted added one more model - Gruagach.  Gruagach actually goes with the Darkness Calls expansion, including special Deck of Doom cards for Lobster Johnston and Professor Bruttenholm.

There are four additional stretch goal case files - "On the Devil's Time", "Sword of Light, Fires of Hell", "One Minute to Midnight" and "Secret Chambers".

Lastly, is the new Hellboy Card Game - a beer and pretzels, press your luck quick game to battle frog monsters and classic Hellboy foes.

In addition, the kickstarter funded 15 more cards (adding to the base 40), 8 of which are new "ally" cards, plus the bag shown above.

I do wish that the card game were packaged on TOP of the other pieces (i.e. making room for the case files under the first clear tray (but unfortunately the space below them has a bit of a divider for the cards in it, so you can't just put the case files there) to make it simpler to just grab this out of the box.

However that is a pretty minor issue for a huge expansion for this game.  The eight new case files should make for many more hours of fun.

Because it is all fun and games . .