Into the real

I fondly remember reading the original Ender's Game short story many years ago (and then the books), and this strongly reminded me of it, though set in the very near future instead of hundreds of years.

Lynn Raven is a very well written protagonist, strong and confident when hiding behind her online persona, but full of doubt in the real world.  Like so many of us, she faces bullying and intimidation because of what she looks like, not fitting in with the 'perfect' people, and not even feeling fully accepted by her small circle of friends.  

Getting the opportunity to try the newest game everyone is talking about, she takes the first step outside of her comfort zone to actually leave the house and begin to interact w.with the rest of the world.  Slowly she begins to grow and change without realizing it, first alone and then with actual other people, gaining trust in herself and starting to trust others.

Of course, like so many of us, she isn't really paying a lot of attention to things outside of her small (but growing world), but the hints as to what is really going on are there for the reader.

The descriptions of the gaming/fighting are very well done, drawing the reader more into the story, doing a v good job of providing exciting action while wrapping the true coming of age story within.

I came to this as a fan of Sherrer's Lily Singer series, and though I have seen Ringo's books, I have not read any, this does make me want to pick up some of his books while I (very) impatiently wait for the next book in the series.

This is one of the very few books that I have read lately where I was (very) reluctant to put down because I had to go back to the 'real world'.  The next book can't come fast enough.

Into the Real is available at Amazon here

Because it is all fun and games. . .