Gem City May-ssacre 2022

Players in the lower part of the midwest region have been asking for more single day tournaments.  Last year we did Pioneer Plunder at the Pioneer Village as a fundraiser for them.  It was a lot of fun, however having a bunch of geeks and gamers actually going outside can be a bit much.  So this year we were able to have one back at our Friendly Local Game Store - Epic Loot - but still raised some money for the village.

So welcome to the first Gem City May-ssacre.  It was a great success - we had 14 players (out of a max capacity of 16!).

Marshall Temple, Jim Livers, Jeff Franz, Kyle Martin, Erich Trowbridge, Kara Brown, Jon Carter, Steve Malone, Paul Cravo, Dan White, Matthew Temple, Grace Patterson, Felix Castro.  (Not pictured - Drew Preston and Patrick Cunningham)

This was a quick and simple tournament, with a lot of the players bringing their work-in-process armies.  So there was no painting scores - though we did have favorite army award based on player votes.

Round 1 getting started

Erich Trowbridge v Jeff Franz in a first round grudge match

Patrick Cunningham v Grace Patterson

Drew Preston v Paul Cravo

Felix Castro v Kyle Martin

Jon Carter v Jim Livers

Dan White v Marshall Temple

Matthew Temple v Steve Malone
We took a quick lunch break, where all the players could vote for their favorite armies, and got right back at it.

Round 2

Paul Cravo v Steve Malone

Matthew Temple v Patrick Cunningham

Grace Patterson v Kyle Martin

Jeff Franz v Dan White

Erich Trowbridge v Jon Carter

Marshall Temple v Felix Castro

Drew Preston v Jim Livers as Kara Brown watches

We then had just enough of a break to take of biological needs and were right back it for the final round.  Unfortunately Patrick wasn't able to play the final round, so Kara stepped in for him.

Round 3

Jim Livers v Matthew Temple while Patrick Cunningham watches

Marshall Temple v Kara Brown

Drew Preston v Dan White

Jeff Franz v Paul Cravo

Jon Carter v Kyle Martin

Erich Trowbridge v Grace Patterson

Steve Malone v Felix Castro

And then we wrapped it up.  Unfortunately the Lexington folks had to take off, but we all had a little fun.

Marshall Temple and the Dice Hate Me award (new dice, wound cards, and a copy of the new Dreadball rules)

Erich Trowbridge apparently is on a quest to win every type of trophy I give out - getting the most votes for Favorite Army (and a $30 gift card to the store).

Jim Livers lightened up everyones game with his jokes and storytelling - winning the Jesse Cornwell Sportsman award (an Ogre warlock and $30 gift card)

Grace Patterson is becoming a force to be reckoned with, winning the Best General award (and a $30 gift card) 

Steve Malone won Overall Champion and a $50 gift card, crushing all his opponents.

It was a lot of fun.  You can see all the results at here.  We are hoping to do these much more often than just the yearly Gem City Massacre - so we are already thinking about July.

Because it is all fun and games . . .