One of the newest releases for the newest army, the Ambarox is a shooty monster from within the rift.  This is a model I'm not so sure about.  I picked one up for my demo army to give them a shooting option (I guess I could have taken skulks, but I wanted to show off the new models). 

So it is a big bug that shoots energy bolts (not that it reminds me of anything)

So lets take a look at this blaster bug.  It comes on six spruelettes, for a total of 17 parts.  Simple, right?  Yeah, maybe not.

ok the body was easy to identify

Then the head, and the tail.  So far, so good

Ok, these are legs because of the dirt under their claws.  And a big claw.  Wait, there is an R on the sprue, so this is for the right side?

Another right spruelette, with a bunch of weird 'horns'?

and a left spruelette, again with legs an a horn

The final left spruelette, with a leg and three more horns.

Seeing the spruelettes labeled for the left and right sides made me fill a little better, until it turns out that isn't really true.  The pieces from these end up going on both sides - grrrr.

So we'll start with the simplest piece - the head and the body.  These are spruelette 01 and 02. 

Ok, this bug is happy.  It can't help but be reminded of the failed "Mac Tonight" McDonalds ads from the late 80's.

Wow.  I sure am glad Doug Jones got some better gigs after this (winning two Saturn awards (so far) for playing Cmd Saru in Star Trek Discovery).

The tail didn't seem to fit very well - and the markings on it also don't seem consistent.

So after the easy parts, let's start with the legs.  These are identifiable because they all touch the ground so have flat ends on the feet.  These definitely need fitted to see where they go - this took me the longest time of all to figure out.

oops - turns out I had the model turned around, so I don't actually show this leg by itself.  It goes here though.

This was the easiest leg to figure out, as it is obvious from the picture on the box.  Though on the L sprue, this leg is on the right side

This one though, being on TOP of the shell, took me a while.  This leg on the R sprue is on the Left side.

Then the 'arms' - which since this is a bug, are actually two more legs.  But since they aren't on the ground, it is easier to describe them as 'arms'.

Then come the big pincers/horns.  These seem to be less horns than the smaller ones on the back, though I'm not sure if they would be mobile.

The back horns come in 3 sizes, large, medium and small going down the back.  So just fit each pair.

Medium horns.  This seemed to fit better on the LEFT side, even though it is on the R sprue

and again, on the L sprue, but fits better on the right.

small horns

So I hope these pictures help to guide in your assembly - or at least the way I put this guy together.

I tried to take a couple of pictures that matched the angles on the box.  One thing I noticed is the huge horn on the right (or mandible) in mine is not as high as the one on the box.

So a bit of a mess to assemble, and I'm not sure how effective it will be.  It just seems to be a little bit of a messy model, and the box picture doesn't help a whole lot (it does a cool job of making it look like an electrical creature, but the black shell doesn't do it for me (though I'm not sure how else I'd paint it).  It will be interesting to see how other (much better than I) painters paint this up.

Because it is all fun and games . . .