Return to Adepticon

Covid sucks, we all know that.  Two years ago the world went to shit, and Adepticon was cancelled.  And then it was cancelled again in 2021.  But it finally is back - but instead of a year it has been a LONG three years since we have played in Chicago, and seen those friend we only see at Adepticon each year.

And that means the Clash of Kings was back, (or the Adepticlash as we like to call it).  We had 35 players for the event (though one dropped on Sunday).

We had a pair of special guest - the past two winners of the UK Clash of Kings (with full Mantic armies) - Tom Robinson and Steve Hildrew.  A couple of great guys who really gave us yanks a run for their money.

Tom Robinson and Steve Hildrew

Not only did we have the pair of UK players, but the inclusivity of the Kings of War community keeps increasing!

Katheryn Royer, Kara Brown, Grace Patterson

So on to round 1
Brinton Williams v Steve Hildrew

Jeffrey Schiltgen v Tom Robinson

Erich Trowbridge v Kyle Pietsch

Marcelo Rouco v Jeff Franz

Jon Carter v Marshall Temple

Nathaniel Johnson v Felix Castro

James Black v Alan Wigness

Jason Birr v Justin Fugate

Eric Town v Kara Brown

Blake Shrode v Tim Akers

Tom Payne v Grace Patterson

Matthew Temple v Matthew Cassidy

Daniel Bryan v Steve Malone

Joe Cottrell v Kyle Ritchey

Jesse Burglund v Donny Krosch

Erik Greiner v Chris Pelletier

Connor Murphy v Chris Langs

Katheryn Royer v Kris Degrow

After round 1, we took a lunch break and did the appearance judging

Brinton Williams' Dwarfs

Steve Hildrew's Riftforged Orcs

Tom Robinson's Varangur

Jeffrey Schlitgen's Undead

Erich Trowbridge's Forces of Nature

Kyle Pietsch's Halflings

Jeff Franz's Forces of Nature

Marcelo Rouco's Order of the Brothermark

Jon Carter's Undead

Marshall Temple's Ratkin

Felix Castro's Varangur

Nathaniel Johnson's Salamanders

James Black's Kingdoms of Men

Alan Wigness' Salamanders

Justin Fugate's very smurphy Goblins

Jason Birr's Elves

Kara Brown's Abyssal Dwarfs

Eric Town's Elves

Blake Shrode's Abyssal Dwarfs

Tim Aker's Ogres

Grace Patterson's Forces of Nature

Tom Payne's Abyssal Dwarfs

Marshall Temple's Forces of the Abyss

Matthew Cassiday's Twilight Kin

Steve Malone's Varangur

Daniel Bryan's Twilight Kin

Joe Cottrell's Dwarfs

Kyle Ritchey's Goblins

Donny Krosch's Basileans

Jesse Berglund's Twilight Kin

Chris Pelletier's Undead

Erik Greiner's Dwarfs

Chris Lang's Abyssal Dwarfs

Connor Murphy's Ogres

Katheryn Royer's Salamanders

Kris DeGrow's Empire of Dust

All the players also reviewed all the armies as they were set up, so they could vote for Player's choice and Best Ronnie Model.  Some of my favorite Ronnies:

Matthew Temple

Jon Carter

Tom Robinson

Then Round 2 was on!

Nathaniel Johnson v Alan Wigness

Eric Town v Kyle Pietsch

Kris DeGrow v Marcelo Rouco

Jeffrey Schiltgen v Blake Shrode

Jon Carter v Chris Langs

Brinton Williams v Grace Patterson

Donnie Krosch v Jeff Franz

Steve Hildrew v Chris Pelletier

Tom Robinson v Justin Fugate

James Black v Steve Malone

Tim Akers v Katheryn Royer

Felix Castro v Connor Murphy

Erich Trowbridge v Jason Birr

Matthew Temple v Kyle Ritchey

Erik Greiner vJoe Cottrell

Jesse Berglund v Tom Payne

Matthew Cassidy v Kara Brown

Daniel Bryan v Matthew Temple

After a quick break, it was on to round 3!

Felix Castro v Marshall Temple

Kara Brown v Jeff Franz

James Black v Kyle Pietsch

Jon Carter v Alan Wigness

Tom Payne v Tom Robinson

Steve Hillgrew v Connor Murphy

Eric Greiner() v Eric Town

Matthew Cassidy v Jesse Berglund

Erich Trowrbridge v Tim Akers

Daniel Bryan v Kris Degrow

Jason Birr v Chris Pelletier

Jeffrey Schiltgen v Steve Malone

Marcelo Rouco v Kyle Ritchie

Donny Krosch v Nathaniel Johnson

Justin Fugate v Joe Cottrell

Matthew Temple v Grace Patterson

Blake Shrode v Brinton Williams

Katheryn Royer v Chris Langs

Everyone relaxed that evening, and then almost everyone returned for the second day.  Unfortunately Joe Cottrell had to catch his ride, so he couldn't stay.  That also meant that we did not need a ringer player (graciously played by Chris Langs on Saturday) for Sunday.

And round 4 was underway.

Connor Murphy v Kyle Ritchey

Steve Hilldrew v Erich Trowbridge

Jason Birr v Matthew Cassidy

Eric Town v Daniel Bryan

Jeffrey Schiltgen v Marcelo Rouco

Kara Brown v Tim Akers

Felix Castro v Brinton Williams

Justin Fugate v Nathaniel Johnson

Erik Greiner v Grace Patterson

Katheryn Royer v Alan Wigness

James Black v Blake Shrode

Jeff Franz v Chris Pelletier

Kyle Pietsch v Kris DeGrow

Battle of the Temple brothers, Matthew v Marshall

Jon Carter v Jesse Berglund

Steve Malone v Tom Robinson

Tom Payne v Donny Krosch

We took a brief break before round 5 and got straight back into the action

Chris Pelletier v Erich Trowbridge

Jon Carter v Connor Murphy

Jason Birr v Jeffrey Schiltgen

Kris DeGrow v Kara Brown

Steve Malone v Steve Hilldrew

Felix Castro v Eric Town

Jesse Berglund v Marcelo Rouco

James Black v Nathaniel Johnson

Tim Akers v Grace Patterson

Jeff Franz v Alan Wigness

Erik Greiner v Justin Fugate

Kyle Pietsch v Tom Robinson

Daniel Bryan v Marshall Temple

Katheryn Royer v Tom Payne

Blake Shrode v Donnie Krosch

Matthew Temple v Kyle Ritchey

Matthew Cassidy v Brinton Williams

We gave the players a lunch break then while we tabulated the results.  TO Shannon Shoemaker gave out the awards.

Player's Choice - Steve Hilldrew

Tie for Favorite Ronnie model - Tom Robinson & Matthew Temple

Best Mantic Army - Chris Pelletier

Jesse Cornwell Sportsman Award - Erich Trowbridge

2nd Place / Best General - Jesse Berglund

Overall Champion - Jeffery Schiltgen

Jeff won overall, and since he had a Mantic army, that means he also won the trip to the UK for Clash of Kings in October.  (He actually had the highest score of all the mantic armies, but we only give one award per person).  I was pretty happy that the actual top player had a Mantic army, and not having to go down to 5th or 6th place to get someone with a Mantic for their list.

Full results are here.

Jeff's army was fairly cool, so I took a few extra pictures of it

We were all very happy to get back to Adepticon, and look forward to an even bigger event next year!

And we did have an impromptu speed tournament (pictures of that to come), we hope to add it to the schedule next year, bring back the very popular team tournament, and maybe have a special event with next year's UK Champion!

Because it is all fun and games . . .