Judge us by our size do not

Right on the heels of the new Salamander army, Mantic released the new Halfling army (with a beta army list) last month.  The full army list will come out next month in the Clash of Kings supplement for 2022.

The initial release includes is an army box, a mega army box, a battle group box, Ej Grenadiers and models from the League of Infamy halfling expansion.

Using the beta list, and hoping that it doesn't change drastically, I've planned a 1000 pt army with halflings.  This is basically an army box, Ej Grenadiers regiment and a Forest Troll Gunner regiment (which comes out next month).

So what is in the army box?  It is a Saurceror on miniature aralez, a harvester, and two battlegroups.  A battlegroup is two sets of the new plastic sprues that makes 10 infantry AND 5 cavalry for the halflings.

My list is a regiment of spear spikes, a regiment of halfling rifles, a regiment of ranged wild riders, a regiment of Ej Grenadiers, a regiment of Forest Troll Gunners, A Harvester, a Sauceror on miniature aralez and a Muster Captain on miniature aralez.

So first the new mounted Sauceror model.  One thing to note is that all the resin pieces for the halflings have labels, but these are more internal identifiers than useful labels for assembly.  This doesn't matter for the two resin models (the saucereor and harvester) in the army box, as they are packaged separately, but for the resin unit boxes - well - that is another post on the Grenadiers.

The mounted Sauceror is also available on it's own.

A nicely detailed model, though I dislike that the rider is molded onto the mount (which makes it harder to paint (in my opinion)).

The other resin model is the Harvester.  This is a troll pushing a huge machine meant for chopping down crops, but is also good at chopping down enemy forces.  The troll is ridden by a halfling with a pitchfork, guiding it.  This is now also available separately on preorder.

I put mine together in three sub-assemblies, the machine, the troll, and the driver.  There was only one confusing part

First the wheels (03) go on either side of the main body (02)

Then the big shield (01) mounts onto the body assembly.

Next, the handlebars (04) mounts in back of the big shield.

There are two tiny wheels on sprue 11, that attach to the sides of the machine

Next is the troll.  The first things is to glue the legs (05) together.

One thing that I would like to note is that with this troll (and it looks like the other forest trolls) they have fixed a 'flaw' in their troll design - in other words - the trolls FINALLY learned not to skip leg day at the gym!

Original trolls for Goblins / Orcs on the left, this one, and the troll from Dungeon Saga on the right.

Glue the troll body onto the legs.  It has two holes that match the bumps on the legs.  This also covers up any gaps between the legs

The arms (07 & 08) slip over the ends of the handlebars to hold them.  

I want to be able to paint the troll separately from the machine - and it became apparent that if I glued both arms onto the body, it would 'lock' the body to the machine.

So for now, only one arm (the right) is actually glued to the body, the other is just sitting in the socket with blu-tack.  

Lastly, glue the head (12) in place.

The rider assembly is simple, just glue the arms (10 & 11) and head (11) to the body (09).  You should position him on the platform to get the arms set properly - the left hand is holding on to bar at the back of the platform.

I figure this is enough pictures for now - so come back next time for the halfling battlegroup hard plastics!

Because it is all fun and games . . .