Back to where it all began

Origins liked to use the tag "Where gaming begins" because it was at the beginning of the summer convention season.  With everything going on, it actually was moved to two weeks AFTER Gencon this year.

Once again the Ohio War Kings were present.  We ran Learn to Play sessions for Kings of War, Vanguard, Armada, Dreadball and Warpath, and scheduled tournaments for Kings of War and Dreadball.

Attendance was, as expected, much less than normal, and the con was significantly smaller - only using halls C for gaming on Thursday, and adding Hall D for vendors and B for more gaming on Friday - Sunday.  (Apparently a Dentist convention was in Hall A).

At least this time I managed to get some pictures!

Does anyone else notice what is wrong with this sign?  Look at the top map, and compare the halls to the bottom.

Players learning Armada!

Our area during a FULL Vanguard session with 12 people

Learning this Kings of War game

Kara helping out and sitting in on a Kings of War session

I believe that is a smile under that mask!

Vanguard turned out to be very popular

The planned prizes for the How You Use It! Tournament.

Unfortunately, we only has two players, so they battled it out for the top prize

Dan White taking home the prize!

The Armada ships set sail once again

We had three people for the 1500 point tournament - so they instead decided to do a 3-way game!

Dan came in second with his Abyssal Dwarfs, Kara was third with her Ogres, and Jon Carter won the game playing Ratkin!

Sunday morning and ships sailing for the last Armada session!

It was a good time, but exhausting, as always.  Part of that was poor scheduling on my part - which I did to myself (though I am still trying to figure out why).  Everyone seemed to have a good time, and people expressed a lot of interest in the games.

We had a vendor - Pirate Pat, carrying Mantic games, and that was a great help.  We hope to see him back next year in June!

Because it is all fun and games . . .