Winging it

Part of the new Salamanders (or, for those of you who prefer to go au natural, Forces of Nature) release are the Scorthwings.  A large cavalry flying unit with tc(1), nimble, pathfinder, me 3+ and a 18" steady aim range attack on 4+ - makes for a very interesting harassing unit.  Not a lot of attacks, and they are definitely a glass cannon (or at least a glass shotgun) with only a 3+ defense and nerve the same as most infantry units.

So if you look beyond the stats, the models are pretty cool (though a little smaller than I would have thought).  Also, I had just assumed (and yes I know what happens when you assume anything) that they had ghekkotah riders - since there is a Ghekkotah Skylord on Scorchwing after (i.e. a hero version of these).

Anyway, let's take a look at these new resin models.

However I have to say one thing about the packaging.  Back in the day, if you looked at the tiny fine print on the packaging of ALL the models from Mantic, they would end in some type of pun.  The problem was most people NEVER read the fine print, so didn't know it was there.  Once I found it, it became something I really enjoyed.  Sure most of them were corny (definitely fitting the 'Dad Joke' category), it was a great bit of irreverence you don't often see for many company.  Unfortunately it seems that (from what I can tell) the lack of feedback on them led them to believe no one ever saw them, and/or it just became too expensive to keep adding jokes that no one saw (or they ran out of puns, a horrible thought).  If you find some of the old VCR box style packaging of units, check for these jokes.

Well, it turns out Mantics sense of  humor hasn't completely gone away, as I have now found two boxes that have brought the puns back - not in the find print but hidden tucked away on the box flap - where you will generally find the mantic points as well.

The first time I saw this was on the Nightstalker fiends, and now the Scorchwings did it again:

I really liked this one, as not only was it funny, but it also reminded me of a conversation with some of the Mantic folks years ago about KFC.  I grew up on it (it is still one of my comfort foods (though not quite as good as before they tried to make it more 'healthy' by using only vegetable oil)) and it just really took me aback to hear that they had it over in the UK - all over the US of course, but in my mind it is all Fish & Chips with a spot of tea and crumpets.  It just never occurred to me that if I were to ever go over to the UK I could still lovingly munch on some breasts and thighs (original recipe of course).

Ok, NOW let's take a look at what is IN the box

Each model is fairly simple, a body, two wings and a tail.  Once again the spruelettes are numbered to identify which pieces go with each model.  A is the largest of the three, it's two wings are actually on separate spruelettes, and it doesn't use a flying base - the tail is used to attach it to the base.

Not hard to put together at all - a tiny gap on the joint for the left (port - I do prefer that nomenclature anymore, though I know it isn't common) upper wing - a tiny bit of green stuff can easily fill that gap.

The B model has its four wings in a large X shape when assembled.

The tails for the B and C models share the same spruelette - I assume that the B is on the starboard side because of the labelling.

The C model is in a gliding position (its wings close together).

Because of the flying bases, I didn't take a picture of the entire unit after I put it together - the flying bases really need to be glued for the upright to stay in place.

However, because I'm simply crazy and apparently don't have enough to do with Gencon 10 days away, I am actually trying to get my 1000 pt Salamander demo army done in time for it - and this is the first unit I have finished.

I try to make my demo armies close to the Mantic standard, but I decided to make the tails smoke instead of more flames, just to give a little more variety to them.

The head on shots don't do much, so I also took a couple angled from above, that show them better.  These are much closer to what you opponent will see

and what you will see as they fly off to harass the enemy.

That is it for the new Salamanders (that I have - I don't buy EVERY model Mantic makes (though it seems like it sometimes).

However, I figured now would also be a chance to show off the ancients, the second finished unit.  For these, to differentiate them from the primes, I used just the flaming swords, and gave them the flaming standard on the sprue, as the unit is Inspiring after all.  (the primes all have 2-handed weapons, to further make the units obviously different (which I have found it important when teaching the game with new players).

and an angled shot, because their faces tend to be hidden behind the swords and standards.

That only leave me a regiment of primes, a regiment of unblooded, a regiment of tyrants, a regiment of rhinosaur calvalry, a clan lord and a mage priest.  Yes, colored primer is my friend!

Because it is all fun and games . . .