Because size doesn't matter

My favorite horror/comedy writer D.M. Guay has started a third sub-series of her fantastic 24/7 Demon Mart series - this being short stories (or, as she says, it may be a novelette).

This is a slightly different take than any of the books.  Instead of focusing on the misadventures of Lloyd, the eternal slacker bumbling through his job of protecting the gateway to hell located in the beer cave of the quick mart (in fact, he isn't even in this), it is, like the title says, a story about the manager of the store, Kevin.  The talking cockroach (who is still a bit more, as he actually has a soul (so, I suspect that he used to be a person)).

Kevin is helping out his friend Doc Ori, loaning him his prized car Darla as he heads to West Virginia to search for guano from the Giant Bat Boy of Lewisburg, when they get waylaid Point Pleasant and the fun begins.  Well the fun for the readers, not quite so much for Kevin and his friend.

A slight departure from the normal style of the other books (being told in the third person), but it works quite well - as in the other books all the characters OTHER than Lloyd are, effectively, told in the third person (that person having to be Lloyd - but you know what I mean).  I doubt I would have even noticed the change if it hadn't been pointed out to me.

Expect the same great, laugh-out-loud humor as in the entire rest of the 24/7 Demon Mart series, as well as some chills as things are not quite what they seem in this sleepy town made famous by the Mothman and the collapse of the silver bridge.

For readers new to the series, it might be a little confusing as to just who the talking cockroach is - but pick up the first book (Graveyard Shift) and all will be explained.  The short novels in the series take place any time after the first book - this one, however, doesn't have any set time and could take place even before the first book

I am looking forward to more short stories exploring more of the other characters in the series.

The one caveat however is you cannot buy this book, you can only get it for FREE by subscribing to her "Monsters in your Inbox" email newsletter - which is easy enough to do by going here and entering your email address.  Not only will you get access to inside information and notifications of new releases (and with restrictions lifting, even in person appearances!), but she also does giveaways to her fans, and has just created some cool Demon Mart 24/7 stickers and magnets.

Because it is all fun and games . . .