Prophet of Pizza Jesus

As most of you know, we lost one of our own this year, not to the stupid COVID, but to cancer (F**K CANCER!!!)  While not a close friend, he played in many of my tournaments, and will be sorely missed as both a great person, a great player, and a huge part of the Mantic community (as he liked to joke, he was kind of a big deal).

One of the coolest tributes to this great guy is the new Ogre Warlock miniature Mantic just released, not only inspired by him, but he helped design it as well.  Ogres were Jesse's favorite faction, and he campaigned feverishly for Mammoths to get Strider in the new edition.  So much so that Mantic even named a magic item after him - Sir Jesse's Boots of Striding.

The mini is beautiful, and in only 4 pieces, is quite easy to clean up and assemble.

I like how his staff and his belt both have a stylized pizza on them, as truly befitting the one true prophet of Pizza Jesus.

There have also been a few other tributes as well.  John Jack, a fellow Pathfinder (Jesse was one too) at Mantic made a 3D model of the Pope of Pizza Jesus

Resin Printed by my son Jon Carter

I then took the file, blew it up a bit, and turned it into a trophy top for the Jesse Cornwell Sportsmanship award - the first of which I will be giving out a the Pioneer Plunder on June 26th, 2021.

-/28 is also selling Pope of Pizza Jesus t-shirts - with the proceeds being donated to Jesse's favorite charity, helping stray cats in West Virginia)

And all around great guy, with some lasting tributes that will be showing up at tournaments and game tables for years to come.

Because it is all fun and games . . .