WAY, WAY Back Machine - LGF II

It is sometimes fun to go back and look at things in the past, and often what is going on now makes us nostalgic for what we had then.  

It looks like a local mini-convention is coming back to the Dayton Ohio area after being gone for six year - the Legendary Game Faire!  And we are celebrating by bringing back one of the oldest Kings of War tournaments in Ohio.

So I thought it would be fun to go back and revisit it - and it was a bit more challenging than I expected.  I thought I'd just dig up the old blog post - but there wasn't one!  LGF II was four months before I started this blog, as a place to consolidate everything.  I copied over a lot of old posts from other forums (for dwarfs, undead, orcs & goblins, and the old mantic forums) - but still nothing.

Luckily I did find some pictures on my old web site, and I still have the warscore file with the tournament results from way back then.

This was a wild time for Kings of War, waaaayyy back in FIRST edition.  It was a very, very small community back then.  I had just started trying to run events.  I tried to run tournaments at Origins and Gencon in 2013, but only had 1 and 2 people show up for them respectively.  At Adepticon that year, the grand prize for Kings of War was $1000 - and I think there were only four people in the tournament (I was (very sadly) NOT able to play as I had a conflicting tournament - and I still kick myself for not doing it).

I took over running the Adepticon tournament then in 2014 and we had 10 players!  (I continued to run it through 2018, and while Shannon Shoemaker took it over in 2019 I still help with scoring).

The second Legendary Game Faire was held October 3-5 2014, and we again had 10 players at our tournament on Friday night before the big WFB tournament - as many as we had at Adepticon six months before.

Since it was in the evening, it was only 1000 pts.  Still, fun was had by all!

Andrew Sherman v Travis Huff

Chris Carmichael v Amy Stamper

Jon Carter v Mark Zelinski

Josh Mann (out of frame) v Colin Zelinski

Kara Brown's Basilean army v my Dwarf army

(back row) Chris Carmichael, Travis Huff, Amy Stamper, Kara Brown, Jon Carter.  (front row) Joss Mann, Andrew Sherman, Colin Zelinski, Mark Zelinski

Jon Carter - Best Overall
Andrew Sherman - 2nd Place

Josh Man - Best Appearance

Travis Huff - Wooden Spoon

My Dwarfs (I was the ringer)

Chris Carmichael's Undead

Josh Mann's Elves (an unfortunate blurry picture of the best painted army :-( ).

Colin Zelinski's Undead

Travis Huff's Elves

Andrew Sherman's Kingdoms of Men

Mark Zelinski's Kingdoms of Men (yes, in 1st edition the Ogres were part of the KoM list)

Amy Stamper's Dwarfs

Kara Brown's Basileans

The final results

Place Name Opponents Army Total Awards
1 Jon Carter Mark Zelinski, Joshua Mann, Kara Brown Undead 117 1st Place
2 Andrew Sherman Travis Huff, Kara Brown, Amy Stamper Kingdoms of Men 88 2nd Place
3 Kara Brown Mike Carter (Ringer), Andrew Sherman, Jon Carter Basileans 87  
4 Mike Carter (Ringer) Kara Brown, Mark Zelinski, Travis Huff Dwarfs 87 Ringer
5 Amy Stamper Chris Carmichael, Collin Zelinski, Andrew Sherman Dwarfs 85  
6 Chris Carmichael Amy Stamper, Travis Huff, Collin Zelinski Undead 84  
7 Collin Zelinski Joshua Mann, Amy Stamper, Chris Carmichael Undead 59  
8 Mark Zelinski Jon Carter, Mike Carter (Ringer), Joshua Mann Kingdoms of Men 38  
9 Joshua Mann Collin Zelinski, Jon Carter, Mark Zelinski Elves 36 Best Appearance
10 Travis Huff Andrew Sherman, Chris Carmichael, Mike Carter (Ringer) Elves 20 Wooden Spoon

Looking back now - several of the players have moved on to other games (Andrew, Chris and Travis no longer play at all, and while Mark likes to talk about the game, I haven't seen him or Colin play in quite a while either) (Amy still plays occasionally), a couple of them are currently preparing to go play at the Masters Championship in July (Jon and Kara) and one is no longer with us (Josh passed on a couple of years ago).  And I keep running events.

Because it is all fun and games . . .