NOT your average Fat Baby Eating Monsters

Back in the day, I had an Ogre Kingdoms army for WFB.  It was fun, and they had a very specific aesthetic they were going for, which worked, but didn't have the mercenary feel that Ogres are supposedly known for.  They were big, they were fat, but they weren't tough.  Not Shrek, but more of a Fat Bastard.

When Mantic came out with their first Ogres way back in First Edition (funded from their very first kickstarter) they went instead with a hard, lean, mercenary look (even if they did skip leg day at the gym).

Now, with the new Vanguard warband release for Ogres, they have got some fantastic updates that just make them even better.

I never reviewed the ogres because, well I got them in wave two of the kickstarter, which was two years before I started this blog!  So it may just be time to take a look at them.

The warband starter has 3 shooters/boomers, 3 brawlers/cleavers (ok, warriors with HW/Shield or 2 Handed weapons), an Ogre Sergeant and the brand new Paymaster.

The base ogres have three bodies and five heads.  These are the same for the warriors and shooters.

For the ranged version, there are three sets of boomer arms, and three sets of shooter arms.  These are each three pieces with the main arm and weapon (the shooter is in this left hand, while the boomer is right (which means you can't get the parts confused).  The boomer hand go under the gun, then the arm fits in the hand.

For shooters, there are again three sets of arms, with the base of the crossbow, the crossbow and part of the hand (the other part is on the crossbow body), and the arm that fits in the wrist.

For the warriors, there are three left handed shields.  These are all the same (I was always a little disappointed they didn't do two different shields - but it was their first kickstarter after all).

There are then two types of right arm - 2 of the longer sword and one of the axe.

For the variant with 2-handed weapons, there are again two types, 2 with the larger sword, and one with the axe.

The two handed sword is one arm holding the sword (with both hands on it) and a second arm that then fits at the wrist.

The 2 handed axe is three pieces, with both arms separate from the axe, again fitting into the wrists.

Then in a separate little baggie was the Ogre Sergeant / Captain / Grokagamok.  I was always a bit frustrated as the ONLY difference here is the left arm - the rest are all basic components.  Even the head is just one of the other sculpts.  Now I like the arm - reaching out and beckoning everyone in a challenge, but as a character it could have been more.

So, of course, now we have more.  All the new ogres are resin, which I don't find any harder to work with than the 'premium plastic' (also referred to as Restic).  The sculpting is fantastic and the casting is excellent.  Of course I always want variety, so it would have been nice to have more than one head, but it won't be difficult to swap in other heads if you like.

It goes together quite easily, and is just a great pose - brandishing the contract with one leg on the pay chest.  I like all the scrolls all over - he keeps the contracts with him to make sure they all get paid.  Of course he is an ogre, so also has a big flail.

Ogres don't have a paymaster character (yet) for Kings of War, but he could always be a captain leading your troops - because what is more important to mercenaries than getting paid?  He will definitely be going into my updated Ogre demo warband!

The starter set also comes with the base deck of cards.  There are the special abilities and faction spell cards.

Then the units
  • 3 Red Goblin - grunt
  • 3 Brawler (formerly warrior) - Warrior
  • 3 Cheaver (2 handed weapon) - Warrior
  • 1 Hunter - Warrior (I was a bit disappointed that it only included one of these - especially as a warrior.  Even though the hunter model is metal, I can see people wanting more than one in a warband (if they use the cards) - however see below
  • 2 Shooter - Warrior
  • 2 Boomer - Warrior
  • 1 Ogre Sergeant - Command
  • 1 Ogre Warlock - Spellcaster
  • 1 Red Goblin Biggit - Support
  • 1 Paymaster - support

Then there is the Ogre booster.  This are all new sculpts, and all useful in Kings of War (the box did not come damaged, I just got a little 'enthusiastic' opening it and then realized I hadn't gotten a picture yet)

Starting with the Crocodogs. There are three of them, all the same sculpt

Both right legs come separate and I got two sprues for them.  I thought it a little odd that they were identical - however I think that I actually got a mispack on this.

When I put these together, the rear leg fit fairly well.  I don't really care for this type of joint - where it is an oddly shaped indentation that is intended to match the corresponding piece - I much prefer either flat or a full socket, so you can get it placed correctly.  

However the front legs did not really fit at all - at which time I figured I got two sets of rear legs instead of a set of rear and a set of front legs.  I persevered anyway, and these will need a bit of green stuff to fill in the gaps (and these are the only new Ogre models that need any gap filling).

The Boomer Sergeant is a toss up for my favorite sculpt of the new set (him or the Matriarch).  There is just so much character here - from him shooting two large hand guns and ejecting the spent shell from one to the bandoleers holding more shells - I really like this model.

Pay attention when gluing on the barrel and spent shell because it is a small joint (for an ogre at least).  I already was using on in my demo Ogre army for Kings of War (a single based boomer) - he is definitely getting the boot for this new one!

The final model is the Berserker Bully.  This is a very popular hero in Ogre armies - though I'm not able to fit one into my 1000 pt demo army.  It is still a fantastic sculpt.

The backpack isn't as perfect a fit as I'd like - but it will probably fit better if you attach it BEFORE the arms.

I wonder if my copy was from batch of resin that might not be mixed perfectly - the model was shiny (even after I washed it in dishwashing soap and warm water), and just felt a little softer and kind of rubbery.  The details is still there and crisp, it just has a slightly different feel to it.  I don't think it will affect anything (and the super glue worked on it without any problem).

The booster also includes more cards
  • 3 Crocodog - Grung
  • 2 Beserker Brave - Warrior
  • 1 Boomer Sergeant - Support
  • 1 Berserker Bully - Command
  • 1 Hunter - Warrior (hey - another hunter card.  I guess I was judging a little too early).

In addition to the large starter and booster, there are also two Ogre blister packs available for Vanguard.

The first, and by far the coolest, is the Matriarch.

Again easy to assemble, once I realized that the scabbard goes in back.  Mine were in two different colors of resin, but I don't believe it has any effect at all.

For some reason I've liked the female ogre models that seem so few and far between (GW did a single female Maneater as well).  For Vanguard she is a living legend (so only one allowed) and there is no specific profile for Kings of War (yet).  However I think she is a superb Ogre captain and will be leading my demo army into battle!

Of course - she comes with her card

The other blister is for an Ogre Siege Breaker.  Ogre fans have long been waiting for mantic to finally make these - and at long last that wait is over.

Seige Breakers are based on the same base body as the warriors/boomers/shooters/captain, but have resin heads and arms.

The blister contains an ogre captain.   I was a little curious about this, but then I realized this was the only ogre model that was packaged as a single.  You won't use anything but the body, but I don't mind having more stuff for my bits box.

You get three heads in the blister - probably because it would have actually ADDED cost to cut off a single one and package it (just like taking out the extra parts of the captain included for the body).

You then get a right arm with a large weapon, and a huge shield (or should I properly call this a Big Shield?)

Ok, a bit of a person gripe here.  I think the Siege Breakers are too much.  I like the ideas, I just think they should be two different profiles.  One with the Big Shield rule, and another with the CS(3) rule.  It just doesn't make sense to me that these guys are stronger while holding a tower shield than the ogres with 2-handed weapons.  (I can hear the Ogre players yelling from here).  Just my $0.02 worth.

And, of course, you get a Siege Breaker card.

I am a bit curious if EVERY blister has the same arms in it, or if you get a random left and right arm with each blister?  I only have the one, so I don't know.

Siege Breakers have been a part of the Ogre army since second edition, so Mantic is releasing a new regiment of them for Kings of War as well.  (It is a little disappointing to me that the regiment doesn't include the Vanguard card - however you can make a horde with a regiment and a blister, so it isn't that bad).

The bodies are the same basic bodies, but now you get all three shields and right arms.

I'm not sure if any specific left arm is meant to go with a right one - they seem pretty mix and match to me.  This gives you 3 heads, 3 left arms, 3 right arms and 3 bodies - effectively giving you 81 possible combinations - and that without posing as the arms can be added at any angle.

I'm going to use a horde of these in my demo army (I don't want a horde, but I need the unlocks!)  So I got two boxes and multibased them (Ogres are still easy enough to paint after multibasing in regiments since there are only three large models).

Of course I use the fantastic magnetic bases from Shogun Miniatures for all my projects - it makes it so much easier to store and transport magnetized armies than packing them in foam.

And both regiments together to form a horde (in a shogun flanged steel tray)

So that is enough ogre goodness to satisfy almost any Ogre player.  Fantastic resin sculpts that I expect we will see a LOT of on Kings of War tables as well as Vanguard once we can start in-person gaming again.

Because it is all fun and games . . .