Terrain Spotting

The Mantic Games kickstarter for modern terrain items, Terrain Crate 2: Crate Expectations had four crates, the first two I showed here.  So now is time to look at the other two.

Campbell Heights may be the most modern of the crates - nothing gothic or wartime - everything fits perfectly in a 20th or 21st century setting.

The first set is the Two Trees Mall.  Excatly like it's name, this is items that you would find in a modern store.

There are two bags containing store goods - a rack of clothes, a magazine rack, a shelf with various cans, boxed and books, and a curved counter (with a candy rack) and a modern computerized cash register.  Ok, so magazine racks are not that current (fewer and fewer print magazines are being published anymore - but still it is close enough).

There are also two bags of the items you would find in the hallways of the mall instead of the stores.  A janitorial cart, a trash can, a vending machine, a water cooler, and a four seat beam lounge seat.

The last part of this set is a kickstarter exclusive piece - a video game console.  Straight out of the 80s and 90s, very few stand alone video game consoles still exist, though when I was a teenager there used to be arcades full of these everywhere.  It is cool that this is a Dreadball machine - and makes me curious what a Dreadball video game would be.  This actually came as a separate piece.  In the kickstarter, they had set a stretch goal for two machines - I was hoping that we would get both the Dreadball and a Deadzone machine.

The Survivor's Stronghold has the items you might find in the back room of a warehouse.

This set is actually composed of only two large bags instead of the 'normal' four.  Also, the picture that comes with the set is not accurate (showing 8 more barrels and 2 more grates than are in the actual set (the picture in the kickstarter is what is included in this set).

So in each bag there is a gurney (which seems like it should have been with the medical stuff), a furnace, a grate (that can be used to close the furnace, a gun cabinet (with two removable doors), an engine, a barrel, a pile of crates, a small barricade, a large crate, a pile of boxes, a broken ventilation vent, a briefcase, a wheeled tool cabinet, and a warehouse door/floor piece.

The Crystal Peaks Camp is all you need for a great weekend in the wilderness.

First, you get a bag of the playground equipment like in the Peaceful Park set from the Bellevue Square crate.

There are two bags of tents and sleeping bags.

Then the fourth bag is camp equipment (a chair, grill, propane tank, fire ring, fire and pile of equipment.  In addition there is a spilled color, and a torn sleeping bag and wrecked tent.

This gives you a set (like the ruined furniture) of intact and broken tent and sleeping bag.  This set looks to be extremely useful for the camping scenario in The Walking Dead: All Out War - Days Gone Bye expansion. 

The next set is the abandoned office. 

This includes two bags of office furniture from (like in the Bellevue Hospital set from the Bellevue Square crate)

It also includes the bag of utility pieces (from the Cosy Cottage set of the Bellevue Square crate) - giving you a bathtub, toilet and furnace.

Finally, the best bag has some unique warehouse pieces, including a forklift, a dumpster, two pallets, a large crate and a pile of boxes.  It is the forklift and dumpster that I really like here - and the pallets fit perfectly on the forklift.

Of course to reflect this year, the dumpster really needs to be on fire :-)

The fourth crate is Bleakwood Hall - a gothic mansion and garden.

The first set is the Gothic Manor - full of furnishing straight out of wuthering heights.

First is a bog with a couch, a wardrobe, a large table, a desk and a suite of armor.  I couldn't help but starting humming "Be Our Guest" as I was looking at these pieces straight out of Beauty and the Beast.

There are two bags containing a large bed, bookcase, two smaller chairs, a large chair, nightstand, rug, candlestick and large candlestick.

The last bag contains the parlor - a grandfather clock, rocking chair, grand piano and bench, mantlepiece clock,  fireplace tools and dressing table and bench. The piano is a great detailed piece - right up there with the forklift!

The Servant's Quarters are the more meager side of the mansion.

Unfortunately there is nothing unique to this set - it is almost identical to the Cosy Cottage set from the Bellevue Square crate - replacing the bag with the larger bed and couch with a second one with a smaller bed and chair.

Moving outside the actual mansion is the Grim Garden

This contains two sets of trees (from the Peaceful Park)

and two bags with more garden specific pieces - a wheelbarrow with junk, a full flower box, a bench, a shrubbery (in case you encounter any Knights of Nee), a watering can, two pots and a squirrel.

Finally is the Bleakwood Mausoleam.

This includes the grave set from the Morneville Church set in the Mourneville Ruins crate.

It also has two bags of fences to surround your graveyard

and the final mausoleum itself (another huge, detailed piece), with a gate for the fence.

Overall, these crates are provide for some fantastic gothic and modern scenery to fill out your games in the last couple of centuries.

Because it is all fun and games . . .