It is all in the Minutia

As I mentioned last time, I wanted to show off the miniatures from Munchkin Dungeons.  I thought it would be cool as well to show the John Kovalic artwork from the cards as well.  If you aren't familiar with his work, he is the primary artist for Munchkin, as well as his own Dork Tower comic strip.   He is not only a great (and very funny) comic artist, but also a genuinely nice guy (I've been able to have him sign a few things for me at Gen Cons past (and will someday remember to bring some of my other, unsigned books (like the Super Deluxe edition of Kobolds Ate My Baby).

Anyway, I think it is interesting to see his artwork turned into 3D miniatures - so each shot includes the card art as well.

Starting with the base set, and the Boss's.  Each boss is larger, and molded in red plastic.  (To be honest, since this is a board game, I doubt I will ever get them painted).

Plutonium Dragon


Then there are the level 3 monsters. These aren't quite the boss, but tougher than the ones further up.  Taking these pictures, I discovered that the background for the L3 monsters is a bit darker than for the smaller, level 2 ones.  Most of these are larger as well, though as we get to the expansions they eased up on this a bit (because someone once said that size didn't matter).   All the non-boss monsters are done in a tan plastic.  

Floating Nose

I have to comment on this one.  It is one of the most iconic monsters in Munchkin, and eventually had several more cards that work with it (like snot goblins).  Now I have the very first edition of the base Munchkin set (yes, the one with the broken "Kneepads of Alure" in it) - and unfortunately while playing it with my kids, one of the dropped this card and the dog chewed it up.

The irony is, that it took me years to actually get the joke behind this one.  No, not just the obvious nose and snot etc.  This is actually a twist on the classic (and copyrighted) D&D monster - the Beholder (also known as the floating eye monster).  One of the nastiest critters in the original D&D, a giant floating eye with a dozen small eye stalks on top as well (each of which was capable of casting a different spell).  I feel bad that it took me so long to actually get this joke.

Large Angry Chicken



Net Troll

The level 2 monsters are the 'easiest' in the game (there are no level 1 monsters).  These all are smaller, and easier to beat.

Insurance Salesman

The best take on insurance in fantasy has got to be in the original Sir Terry Pratchett Diskworld book - The Colour of Magic - Inn-sewer-ants polly-sea.  I'm not sure if I like that one, or the reflected sound of underground spirits (echo-gnome-ics) better.  I could go on for days - if you like puns you have probably already read a lot more of his books than I have, and if you haven't read them yet - well that is the first thing you need to do (once you finish reading this, of course).

Were-turtle?  There turtle!



Because his body parts are rotting off . . .

Maul Rat

Then there are the hero figures.  These are all in a bluish-gray plastic





There are also two Super-Munchkin figures as well.    In the original game, when you become a super-munchkin you combine two classes - the figures for this reflect this, and are a bit more powerful than the same level of normal characters.  The base two are the cover figures for the original Munchkin and the first expansion, Unnatural Axe.  

male Super-Munchkin (Spyke)

female Super-Munchkin (Flower)

In the base game, the super munchkin card for both of these have identical stats / abilities.  It is basically there to allow you to play as a male or female.

Way back in the day (2002), when Steve Jackson Games  made metal miniatures, they put out a set of 6 metal Munchkin Miniatures.  Of course I have a set.  (at one point I attempted to stay caught up with Munchkin, but the number of releases has way surpassed what I can keep track of any more).  All of them were some type of Super-Munchkin (like a halfling wizard), but they especially made the two icon ones - Flower and Spyke).  Well I never finished painting them, but I thought people might be interested to see those 18 year old metal minis compared to the new plastic ones.

The Box of Holding is basically all the kickstarter extras for the game.  First off, it had opposite sex versions of all the classes (so you could play as male or female of each)

male Cleric

female Dwarf

This also included a new Elf class (because like the original White Box D&D, if you aren't a human then your race is your class).
male Elf

female Elf

female Thief

male Warrior

female Wizard

They also added three new Super-Munchkins - so in theory every player can become a Super-Munchkin (though I think there are only three in the loot deck, so you'd have to go back through the discards or use ALL the loot so you reshuffle).

The first one is a Dork Tower character - Ken.  He is normally the party cleric.
Cleric / Bard Super Munchkin

Wizard / Warrior

The last figure is from the third Munchkin expansion, Clerical Errors.  (and yes, I have the misprint cards packaged as "Clerical Errata" as well).


There are two new bosses as well

Red Dragon


and other monsters.  The first one here, King Tut - is an example of a level 3 monster that is NOT on a bigger base
King Tut


The Wight Brothers

Stoned Golem (and yes, he is carrying a Bong!)

Scary Clowns

The next one is supposed to be a donkey, but I think it looks much more like an Aardvark - yes, Cerebus as a munchkin!

Grassy Gnoll

Pirate Sheep


There were also the two exclusive monsters that you got if you bought the Cthulhu or Bored Silly expansions in the kickstarter.

Undead Horse

Crawling Hand

The Side Quests expansion added two new character classes and some more new monsters (though no new bosses).

There is the halfling

male Halfling

female Halfling

and ranger
female Ranger

The male ranger came from the cover of the 5th expansion - De-Ranged
male Halfling

and, of course, monsters



Cat Girl

Chauvinist Pig

Mr Bones

The (obligatory) Cthulhu expansion starts with Cthulhu himself

I like to compare things, so I put him up next to the Chibithulhu
ChibiThulhu v Cthulhu

Until taking this picture, For some reason I always had this figure backward - with a hooked nose and the baseball cap on the right way.  It wasn't until trying to match it up with the picture that I realized the other side had the actual face on it!





Cute as a button features Cute-zilla!


Blob Goblin

Neigh Slayer

Teddy Bear


Finally, Bored Silly pokes fun at board games - starting with a giant meeple
Meeple Boss

Loaded Die

Comment Troll
Shrieking Geek
Orc Board Game Reviewer

So not all miniatures have to be serious or fantastically detailed to be fun.  And though these are near the bottom (honestly still above my Reaper Bones) of my painting pile, they are a great to have and the game is a lot of fun as well (we tried it last weekend, and while there was a slight learning curve, we did have several players get very munchkin-y on it (Yes, I wandered the Red Dragon onto someone and won when she killed it, but I got the same amount of fame).

Because it is all fun and games . . .