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Well this is actually two days late, as it was this past Saturday.  Yes, I've been doing reviews and bad puns here for five years now.

This has actually been a pretty rough year for the blog.  In previous years I've had some challenges, but this year I wasn't able to get past them.  That in general means writer's (blogger's?) block - hitting the wall with nothing to write about.  For the month of September last year, and the past few weeks, I've just ran out of things to write about.

I don't have a lot of new releases to review, and all my sources for previewing information have dried up, so I have pretty much no chance of being the first to show anything.

This year I didn't quite do 100 new posts - 94 to be exact.  This will make this my 719th post on the blog (as 159 of them are copies of old blog posts from other forums (and some of these, like the Mantic forums, are completely gone now).

One thing I have decided however is to slow back down to once a week - to take some of the pressure off and hopefully not run out of ideas (though after this my buffer is sitting at a whopping 0, waiting for the new Abyssal Dwarfs for Vanguard to show up).

A big thank you to all my readers, including both of you who aren't even related to me :-) !!! 

Because it is all fun and games . . .


  1. Don't be hard on yourself. I'll visit your blog regularly and I didn't come for exclusive previews. just blog about your everyday life hobywise, your building and painting progress and ideas behind the newest expansion.. with the ever increasing take over by social media, very little hobby material is openly accessible which is a real shame. I really enjoy reading your thoughts on things and simply watching armies grow. simply relax and keep on posting... a small thing though: I noticed that you rarely answer to comments here, which is a shame as the name of the game is interaction, it's what brings ppl back and creates community... maybe do that a bit more and you will find replenished joy and inspiration! :)

  2. Thanks. Truthfully, I rarely get comments, though I have tried to respond to them if they have questions. I appreciate the support - I think I am more frustrated by this than my readers (which itself may have some meaning that I don't want to delve into (don't ask questions that you don't want the answers for!)).
    I do appreciate all my readers and all the feedback I get (good and bad).

  3. hey greetings from hamburg germany!
    not vrowsing the site every week but i drop by from time to time and value your contend highly.
    and especially in the beginning when i started with KoW it was super helpful!

  4. hI, Im caver from argentina.
    The blog is cool, i appreciate your view of the hobby, and you could build this blog sharing that. Not everything has to be reviews and previews. Some battle reports and hobby advice would be very welcome too

    1. Awesome to see people from all over read it. I've never been good at battle reports (I get too busy actually playing to take pictures and notes). Hobby advice I do as I can.

  5. I swear I already commented on this. But I really value your blog and what you do.

    Is it worth hitting up Kyle for previews? No one else provides the community what you do.


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