When you need a third hand

While they may be the biggest game/hobby company in the world, I have not been a fan of Games Workshop (or their paint/hobby arm, Citadel), but I have to admit once in a while (like with the Contrast paints) they actually seem to come up with something useful.

When I first saw their Assembly Handle, it looked useful.

I have seen some similar tools but they appear to be less flexible, and must sit on the desk (where you can hold this).

One thing GW/citadel does for everything is actually providing at least simple instructions - these are on the side of the box.

The tool packs up nicely by wrapping the arms around it.

These stretch out.  Unlike the soldering tools which have alligator clips attached a bar, these have five ball joints so the arms have a huge range of movement.

The center is a spring loaded clamp, with two build in sizes.  These open up to hold the base of the miniature you are working on

 Of course I could actually use a third hand to be able to show the clamps open :-)

The clamps work for both round and square bases (and should work for other shapes as well).

Of course to use the clamp to hold the miniature it has to already be glued to a base.  However you can use one of the clips to hold a miniature and the second to hold a part, leaving both your hands to maneuver the other pieces as needed.

This does seem to be a very useful tool, and there have been many times in the recent past when I have felt like I could use it, so it really feels like it was worth $20 for me.

Because it is all fun and games . . .