Supporting the competition

Grow the Hobby Day 9

In a way, this is what started it all.  Not the hobby as such, but this was my first step onto the path to become a Pathfinder for Mantic, and at one time being called the "Kings of War guy".

It was the summer of 2011.  I remember seeing a small booth at Gencon (and I swear I had seen it at Origins as well, but not sure if it was that year or not).  And they had Abyssal Dwarfs.  For quite a while at that time I had thought about doing a warhammer Chaos Dwarf army - and here was my chance.  So I picked up the box.  I also picked up the War Conclave set - which was three metal characters.

I remember talking to the guy at the booth.  He had a name tag that said his name was "Ronnie".  I remember asking him what he did for this company - was he in sales or what.  He said he was the owner!  That impressed me.  I already wasn't happy with GW, so I wanted to support the competition.

I remember taking the box over to a table near the concession stand and opening it up.  A lot of models, plastic and metal.  There was also a booklet in it with game rules.

I took it home and very quickly put it together.  I looked at the army list, pointed out what I had built, and realized that I didn't have nearly enough models for a 'real army'.  For some reason I wasn't really looking at chaos dwarfs any more.

The assembled army sat there for a year until Gencon rolled around again and I bought a second army box, a box of halfbreeds, two angkor mortars and a box of orcs (they were out of the slave orcs so I had to get regular orcs - the only real difference was the slave driver mini in the slave orcs).

I saw that they were going to actually have tournament at Adepticon the next year, so I decided to get the army painted up and ready for it (all the while also working on my drunk dwarfs!).

I used Rackham Confrontation earth elementals for the Lesser Obsidian Golems, and Wizkids Mageknight gargoyles for the gargoyles.

The army was:
  • Blacksouls Horde - banner/musician/mutated throwing mastiff
  • Decimators Troop
  • Decimators Troop
  • Immortal Guard Regiment - banner/musician/brew of strength
  • Abyssal Halfbreeds Regiment - banner/musician
  • Lesser Obsidian Golems Regiment
  • Katsuchan Rocket Launcher
  • Katsuchan Rocket Launcher
  • Angkor Heavy Mortar
  • Angkor Heavy Mortar
  • Overmaster - pipes of terror
  • Halfbreed Champion
  • Iron-caster
I figured I'd need to actually learn to play the game as well, so I recruited a friend and played my first game.  He played undead, using my Grateful Undead models that worked pretty well for the list

  • Revenant Horde - banner/musician/brew of strength
  • Skeleton Horde - banner/musician/undead giant rats
  • Zombie Swarm - banner/musician
  • Zombie Swarm
  • Ghouls Horde - pipes of terror
  • Soul Reavers Troop
  • Vampire Lord - Medalion of Life
  • Necromancer
  • Liche King - Talisman of Inspiration

You can check out the battle report here.

I had a bunch of skaven (some of the are now in my Ratkin demo army) that I had started working on and never finished, so I did my first conversion for the army and created a couple of Dragon Fire-Teams

I actually finished the army in time for Adepticon, but I wasn't able to play in the tournament because it was at the same time as the Warhammer championships that I had been working to premier my drunk dwarfs at (along with home brewed beer) - I really wanted to show it off, and the Abyssal Dwarf army wasn't actually that impressive (with no conversions or anything really interesting).

There are several old blog posts from the Mantic forums that talk about me initially building this army - if you want to go into the archive back to 2012 and 2013).

Anyway, I have come a long way - and next month I'll be remaking a lot of units with the new Abyssal Dwarf releases.

Because it is all fun and games . . .