Release the . . . well you know

With the initial release of the Trident Realm of Neritica in Uncharted Empires in 2nd edition of Kings of War, the Kraken has been a major part of so many of these armies.  Now, just after the release of 3rd edition, Mantic has released their own Kraken model!

The Kraken has gone from being on a 50x100 (chariot) base to the standard 75x75 (titan) base.  While this is a little trickier for some people using other models (such as the reaper Kraken model), it actually fits the mantic version better.

After the release of Star Saga, I thought that the Goliath would make a good Kraken.  Then they announced that the Terror for Nightstalkers would be based on the Goliath model - and the Terror is described as a mutated Kraken - so I figured even better.

The new Kraken is also based on the Goliath model - let's take a look.

The main body and two fore-legs are PVC plastic - these are straight from the Terror (which comes pre-assembled), but are not attached for both this and the Terror (you can see the Terror here)

These come unassembled, because you will be using different legs underneath them (and if they were glued into the body it would be VERY difficult to add them).

There is a new, much larger head for this model.

And a LOT of tentacles.  I'm counting 20 tentacles, and that does NOT include the mass of tentacles in the back of the model.

The new legs are two pairs of tentacles

Then there are four more pairs that go around the head.  The one I picked up from my FLGS was actually mis-packed - it has two of the pair in the upper right of the head and did not have one for the lower left.  I dropped a note on the support site, and Elvis had it sorted (the only delay being Royal Mail and USPS getting it here).

 There are also a small pair that at first I thought would go on top, but actually go under the head.

While not actually difficult to assemble, it is very important that you dry fit each piece to make sure it goes in the right spot - each on only fits correctly in one spot.

The two legs attach on the bottom of the body.  The connectors on the legs look like they are miscast - but they fit perfectly.

 After putting these one, you can then add back the two PVC tentacles.

Then the head fits, again looking like a blob inside but fitting quite well.

With all the teeth in that maw, this must be a dentists dream (or nightmare!)

The small pair of tentacles fits into a slot on the bottom of the head.

The four pairs of tentacles then attach to the spots around the head.  Again, make sure you fit each before gluing them, as they all fit precisely, but are very similar (so it may seem that one fits but needs some fill - when it is actually in the wrong space.  I found that NONE of these really needed any filler).

Bottom right

Top right

Top Left

and bottom left

And you Kraken is ready to be released (to your paint table!)

With the new head and all the new tentacles, the Kraken is actually a bit larger than the original Goliath.

However it does seem to fit right at home with the other Titans that have been released lately by Mantic.
Chimera, Giant and Kraken
 And it still even fits with older titans (yes, with 3rd edition I need to rebase my Abyssal Fiend to 75x75 (though he fits a 50x50 pretty well), though if you have the Abyssal Fiend (the Titan without wings) is going to look a little tiny against the other titans)

Supreme Ironcaster on Great Winged Halfbreed, Kraken, Archfiend of the Abyss
Because it is all fun and games . . .