It's a Jungle out there

I recently (well, actually back in October) I received my pledge from Jungle Terrain Kickstarter by THMiniatures, the fourth terrain set they have done.

This works out pretty well as one of my newest neoprene game mats from Front Line Gaming is a jungle theme, so once I get these painted up they will fit perfectly (all I will need are hills (and my 'normal' green hills will work) and forests (I figure picking up some plastic aquarium plants for appropriate jungle foliage will work there).

I'm a big fan of their resin terrain - I have almost all the pieces they have done (ok, I have not gotten the "Hordes" set, nor do I have a full set of the snow terrain.

For this one, I went big and got the all-in pledge - which was pretty much everything available for the theme (there were two pieces that were only add-ons).  Plus a second of the big one (I really like their big centerpieces).

The all in pledge actually came in a specific labeled box holding everything.

One new little bit was a little painting guide booklet.  Jungle terrain is actually going to be some of the easiest to paint as it is basically rock with green plants growing on it.

So I haven't started painting them yet, but I still thought I'd show off the great resin pieces.

Their big centerpiece this time is the Lost Temple.  This is about 8" on a sice and 4" tall.  It is five pieces - three ruined columns, the roof of the temple and the main temple itself.  Like most of their pieces that have separate roofs, the piece is fully detailed inside if you choose to use it without the top.

The columns don't fit perfectly and may need a little bit of trimming, but this will be a nice piece as the centerpiece of the jungle.

Next is the Large Brasero, basically a large above ground fire pit.  This is two pieces, and again the inside is detailed if you choose to leave the top off.

There are four wall pieces old wall 01, old wall 02, old small wall, and the old part of wall (a stretch goal)

You can use these along with the ruined city gates.  This is six pieces (I always have a hard time figuring out where the little smudge pots go).  This is one that I will most fully glue on a base, but if since the gates are separate you can model them open or closed, or even keep them so they can be opened if you choose.

When I look at these I think of the huge gates on Skull Island for King Kong (which would work if you wanted to maybe do 10mm)

The Lost Monolith comes in two pieces, and if you want the bottom does have detail inside if you want to use it as two pieces.

The Small Pyramid is small - in all the pictures I want to see it as big, but it is only 2" tall.

Of course jungle isn't complete without broken idols, such as the Broken Mask.  I see this and can't help but be reminded of the old Nickelodeon "Legends of the Hidden Temple" game show my kids used to watch.

The Lost Ruins are another larger piece, also made of two pieces

If you don't have enough sacrifices to need the Large Brasero, then there is the 'normal' Brasero as well.  (You know, for those days when you are only cooking human sacrifices for one or two gods).

The Jungle pond is a nice flat piece (anymore I like have a flat, difficult terrain piece on my tables, one that ONLY provides cover if you are actually IN it, not on the other side of it.)

They did three wooden fences (large, 'normal' and small (the small one was a stretch goal)).

 The small pillar is a nice scatter terrain piece

And if you want something a little bit bigger, there is the Carved Column (in two pieces)

The City Well is also a bigger low piece, not quite flat (for Kings of War I'd call it Ht 1).  I wouldn't drink that water though.  This was an extra add-on

The other add-on is The Watcher, also in two pieces

The other stretch goals they made were the small vine

carved stone

wooden post

and ok'tem

and finally one more exclusive piece for the all-in pledge that they didn't actually name (I'm guess because this is not expected to go to retail)

So something else to add to my ever growing queue of stuff to paint (though I would like to have these done in time to use them for Adepticon (and deadlines are always a great motivator!).

At the end of November they said they had almost finished shipping wave 2, so I expect soon all of these will be available to buy on their web site to add to your own jungle table.

I have found that all the previous pieces of theirs I have are extremely durable and I have yet to have any of them break or have the paint chip on them.  I like that I can have them for themed tables (lava, snow and now jungle).  And while previously I did not have much use for the smaller pieces for Kings of War, they work wonderfully for skirmish games (like Kings of War: Vanguard!).

I can't wait to see what they do next (hmmm - may some cool desert terrain - pyramids, sphinx, anubis statues etc).

Because it is all fun and games . . .


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