Into Uncharted Territory

So with the release of the Uncharted Empires supplement for the 3rd Edition of Kings of War, it is time to see how I can convert my remaining 1000 point demo armies.

Just to be different, I'll do these in order of how difficult I think it will be to move these over.

Kingdoms of Men
2nd Ed List3rd Ed ListPts Diff
Pole-Arms Block HordePole-Arms Block Horde+10
Militia Mob* RegimentMilitia Mob* Regiment-
Crossbowmen RegimentCrossbow Block Regiment-
Knights RegimentKnights Regiment-
Mounted Scouts TroopMounted Scouts* Troop-
Mounted Scouts TroopMounted Scouts* Troop-
General, MountedGeneral, Mounted-
Wizard / Bane Chant(2) / Heal(2) / Lightning Bolt(3)Wizard-25

This list was nearly unchanged.  All the units I had before are still there - the Pole-Arms and Ballista went up a little bit, which meant I had to drop some of the extra spells for the Wizard (he just gets the default fireball spell now).  Or I could change the general to a standard bearer, and give the wizard two more spells (all are 20 pts, so I can pick any of the four available).

Twilight Kin
2nd Ed List3rd Ed ListPts Diff
Spearmen RegimentKindred Tallspears Regiment-
Crossbowmen Troop
Crossbowmen RegimentKindred Archers Regiment-30
Shadows TroopKindred Gladestalkers* Troop-
Gargoyles* TroopCronebound Gargoyles* Troop+5
Dark Knights TroopCronebound Abyssal Horsemen Troop+20
Twilight Bolt ThrowerBolt Thrower-
High Priestess / Bane Chant(2), Lightning Bolt(5), Wind Blast(5)Summon Crone-65

Cronebound Shadowhounds* Troop+120

Army Standard Bearer+60

This took a little more figuring out.  I could have left it nearly as it was, but wanted to add in some of the new feeling to it.  I already had Gargoyles in it, plus the troop of cavalry.  The interesting thing is I bought these in the first kickstarter for Kings of War when they where Twilight Kin Dark Knights, but the models were not released as such, and eventually were released as Abyssal Horsemen - so I had those already.  I really liked the Crone synergy - so dropped a troop of crossbows archers to get another cronebound unit - this time shadowhounds (though I have to check to see that I actually have them (if not then I'll use Needlefangs - I know I have a regiment of those, and add some spells to the crone).

2nd Ed List3rd Ed ListPts Diff
Sons of Korgaan RegimentHuscarls Regiment+5
DireFang RidersFrostFang Cavalry Regiment-5

Draugr Horde+125

Draugr Horde+125

The Fallen* Regiment+155

Lord / Brand of the Warrior+120


So the two units I had left from my prior Northern Alliance as Vanguard army were the Huscarls and FrostFang Riders - one went up five points, the other down five points.  I liked the idea of the Draugr and Fallen added to the list - undead warriors as chaff and elite units.  I also like the bloodbound keyword with a Magus (though it is a shame that none of the NA units gain it)

Brotherhood -> Order of the Green Lady
2nd Ed List3rd Ed ListPts Diff
Villein Bowmen Regiment
Order of the Brotherhood RegimentOrder of the Brotherhood Regiment / Sacred Water+5
Order of Redemption*Order of Redemption Troop-5
Villein Reconnoiterers Troop
Order of the Forsaken RegimentOrder of the Forsaken Regiment / Sacred Water-5
Forsaken BeastBeast of Nature+25
Devoted / Mounted / Heal(4)Devoted / Mounted, Radiance of Life[1] / Icy Breath(6)-15

Naiad Heartpiercers* Troop+120

Naiad Ensnarers Troop+90

Getting more challenging.  My old brotherhood list had BOTH villeins and knightly orders, and those are now split between the Brothermark and the Order of the Green Lady.  I felt that the knightly orders were the bigger part, so the villeins had to go.  The forsaken beast became a beast of nature, but I still had 245 points left.   Since the Order of Redemption provided the obligatory inspiring, I figured I go with the Radiance of Life on the Devoted in addition to her heal.  But this means I'd also have to buy Sacred Water for the other units.  A troop of Heartpiercers and one of Ensnarers fit the last 210 points then to make up for the villeins  (I believe I have some heartpiercers painted, and I know I have some sprues of naiads).

2nd Ed List3rd Ed ListPts Diff
Warriors HordeWarriors Horde-15
Shock Troops RegimentShock Troops Regiment-5
Blight Regiment-120
Clawshoots TroopClawshots* Troop-25
Weapon TeamWeapon Team+25
Death EngineDeath Engine Impaler+10
Warlock / Bane Chant (3)Warlock / Bane Chant(3)+10
Brutes Regiment-115

Vermintide* Regiment+65

Tunnel Runners Troop+170

With the ratkin, the Brutes and Blight are gone.  The blight bothers me a little because I had to go out and buy a box of plague monks specifically for them when building the army.  Yes people have said to use them as Shock Troops (with the Storm Vermin being Shock Troops w/ Phalanx), but that doesn't fit right.  Yes, I can use the former Brutes as Nightmares, but I don't wanna!

I have a lot of nightmares, but I also am thinking some tunnel runners would be fun - but I don't have the points for both :-(.  However I do have some Vermintide (I think they are painted), so adding them and a troop of Tunnel Runners.

I actually may still have enough to think about a full army of Ratkin - especially with lots of nightmares (and maybe finally put together the tangle I have).  Or maybe do a Ratkin Slaves list - because I definitely have enough abyssal dwarfs and ratkin models to make one!

So this is what I've got so far.  I've got hard plastic halflings and fauns coming to do Rhordia and Herd theme armies still.  And then there are the Romans and Celts, plus the spartan army I have yet to put together if I wanted to do a historical themed Kingdoms of Men army (since the games are no longer compatible).

Plenty to work on this winter!

Because it is all fun and games . . .