Gem City Massacre 2019

So this past weekend we held the 5th annual Gem City Massacre down at Epic Loot in Centerville Ohio.  We had 16 total players and all had a great time.

One of the special parts of this tournament is each player get a free Kringle/Krampus (depending on if your army is Good or Evil (neutral gets their choice).  Stat wise these are all the same - a support character.  There is a special prize however for the best model, as voted on by the players.

This year, one of our West Virginia players (Joe Cottrell) had a special surprise, and for his Kringle he made a model of Pizza Jesus - Jesse Cornwall himself.  Yes, it won the award with 75% of the votes, even though it wasn't really Christmas themed.

There was simply a lot of fun, cool details on this model
a banner with the invokation
of course the table was covered with best sportsman awards
and what else was he preaching but nerfing Joe's all Elohi army.
What is pizza Jesus without pies?
I love the slice around his neck
The man, the legend, the model.  (And the namesake for Sir Jesse's Boots of Striding)
Ok, there were some other cool special character models as well

Paul Cravo's Kringle
Buck Chrzanoski's Kringle
Daniel Dorney's Kringle
Tom Ziegler's Krampus
Jesse Cornwall used the Mantic Christmas Hellboy for Kringle
Jon Carter's Kringle for his undead army

Felix Castro's Dwarven Kringle
 Ok, on to the tournament itself!

Round one was Dominate - an easy scenario carried over from the previous edition.

Paul Cravo v Joe Cottrell
Jesse Cornwell v Steve Malone
Tim Bowie v Felix Castro
Andrew Summers v Grace Patterson
Erich Trowbridge v James Kimgrey
Jon Carter v Buck Chrzanowski
Tom Ziegler v Isaac Cornwell
Dan Payne v Daniel Dorney
After the first round we did army judging and voting for favorite Kringle/Krampus

Erich Trowbridge's Orcs
Tom Ziegler's Forces of Nature
Isaac Cornwell's Undead
James Kingley's Elves
Buck Chrzanowski's Abyssal Dwarfs
Jon Carter's Undead
Grace Patterson's Undead
Joe Cottrell's Undead
Felix Castro's Dwarfs
Steve Malone's Goblins
Jesse Cornwell's Ogres
Tim Bowie's Empire of Dust
Paul Cravo's Elves
Dan Payne's Nightstalkers
Andrew Summer's Basileans
Then after pizza provided by Kara Brown and Amy Stamper (the TO's for the event), Round 2 got started with Plunder!

Erich Trowbridge v Dan Payne
Jesse Cornwall v Jon Carter
Paul Cravo v Felix Castro
Steve Malone v Joe Cottrell
Dan Dorney v Grace Patterson
James Kingrey v Buck Chrzanowski
Tom Ziegler v Andrew Summers
Isaac Cornwell v Tim Bowie
We had a great selection of prizes.  For the top scores, we had acryllic trophies

Kara and Amy made a fantastic trophy for last place - which made me almost wish I was playing so I could throw every game just to get it
Yes, it is baby Yoda (ok, officially "the child")

In addition to the trophies, we had a LOT of prize support from both Mantic and the Ohio War Kings - so everyone was going to walk away with either a store gift certificate (for the trophy winners) or some great prizes (ranging from a Goblin army to Vanguard equipment cards).

After a quick bio-break, round three got off to a rousing start for Salt the Earth.

Buck Chrzanowski v Jesse Cornwell
Isaac Cornwell v Daniel Dorney
Dan Payne v Jon Carter
Erich Trowbridge v Tim Bowie
James Kimgrew v Steve Malone
Andrew Summers v Paul Cravo
Grace Patterson v Felix Castro
Joe Cottrell v Tom Ziegler
And with that it was all said and done!

(Back Row Paul Cravo, Dan Payne, Erich Trowbridge, Jesse Cornwell, Andrew Summers, Tom Ziegler, Daniel Dorney, Buck Chrzanowski, Tim Bowie, James Kimgrew, Jon Carter, Isaac Cornwell) (Front Row Joe Cottrell, Grace Patterson, Felix Castro, Steve Malone )
Isaac Cornwell - Dice Hate Me

Grace Patterson - Countercharger
Joe Cottrell - Favorite Kringle / Krampus
Erich Trowbridge - Best Sportsman
Joe Cottrell - Best Appearance
Dan Payne - Best General
Jesse Cornwell - Overall Champion
Kara in a Cornwell Sandwich!
For full standings, check out the warscore!

Overall it was a great tournament, the first 3rd edition event here in Ohio.  As always it was a fun laid back event, and we had several brand new players as well.  We look forward to next year!

Because it is all fun and games . . .