Don't call us short

Our friends over at Wayland Games have put up pre-orders for the new Abyssal Dwarfs, so I thought I show the renders as well.

Coming in February is the Vanguard release, and the armies for Kings of War.

First off is the new Abyssal Dwarf Warband set for Vanguard
Abyssal Dwarf WarbandSet
MGVAK101 £29.99/€39.99/$44.99
Twisted, evil parodies of their mountain-dwelling brethren, they Abyssal Dwarfs make use of slaves to bolster their numbers and dark technologies to rain fire and destruction on their foes.

This contains the new blacksoul/decimator sprue - which makes 10 models.
1 resin  Overmaster (who still looks like a Forge Father to me :-) and a resin Mobile Katsuchan (as well as the new Vanguard cards).
Most of this looks to be very popular for Abyssal Dwarf Kings of War armies - since decimators can now take the Mobile Katuschan (and we have all be waiting for the AD plastics!)

Mantic has gone back to the starter / booster sets, so the AD Warband booster is next.

Abyssal Dwarf Warband Booster
MGVAK102 £29.99/€39.99/$44.99
The true power of the Abyssal Dwarfs stems from the Iron-Casters. These cruel sorcerers are adept at using the fell powers of the Abyss to bend flash and metal to their will, creating powerful constructs to horrific mutants. These debased beings are forced into battle on their masters’ behalf.

It is obvious that the big guy is a Charnox - which is an upgrade for Lesser Obsidian Golems.  The weird, scorpion/spider thing with the canvas/banner is apparently the hexcaster.  The one with the large weapon is a new Immortal Guardian, a champion for the Immortal Guard.  And cards.

In 3rd edition Kings of War, the unique monster Infernok is gone, but was replaced (in name at least) by a new hero - Infernox.
Abyssal Dwarf Support Pack: Infernox
MGVAK401 £12.49/€14.99/$17.99
The origins of the beings known as Infernox are a dark mystery. Some claim that the abhorrent fusion of dwarf, golem, and technology is a punishment bestowed by the Iron-Caster upon those who earn their ire. More troubling rumors suggest that some Abyssal Dwarfs volunteer for the excruciating process, trading their mortality for strength and power.

This is a resin model and of course comes with a card (which is the only way to get that card).  I haven't really looked at what I want in my Kings of War army, but I figure I'll probably have to have one for that as well as Vanguard.

The last vanguard release for the Abyssal Dwarfs isn't actually dwarfs.
Ratkin Slaves Reinforcement
MGVAK301 £14.99/€17.99/$19.99
The Ratkin are a slave race created by the Abyssal Dwarfs. They were designed to be hard working, numerous and expendable. They were the perfect servants for their master until a significant number broke their bonds and escaped into the wider world. Not all Ratkin were so lucky, as thousands still serve and slaves or fodder at the behest of the Abyssal Dwarfs.

These are four metal ratkin slave models (with cards of course, got to have the cards :-) ) for your Abyssal Dwarf warband - but I can see ratkin players snapping these up as well.  Are more ratkin models on the way?  Especially heads to easily convert the vermyn plastics?

Of course, if you don't care at all about Vanguard (and why not?), the full Abyssal Dwarf army boxes are coming out as well.

Abyssal Dwarf Army
MGKWK112 £59.99/€79.99/$89.99
Although they aren’t numerous, the legions of the Abyssal Dwarfs are as disciplined and effective as any other fighting force. With arms and armor comparable to their more noble kin, reinforced by the enchantments of the Iron-Casters, they are tough foes to face on the battlefield.

The army box comes with 3 10 model sprues of blacksouls/decimators (for a total of 30 models), plus 10 pvc halfbreeds and the metal overmaster (yes, he looks like a forge father in that heavy armor).

But of course it is better to go big, with the Mega Army!
Abyssal Dwarf Mega Army
MGKWK113 £99.99/€129.99/$149.99
When the hordes of Tragar march forth, the world trembles before them. The ground shudders under the march of thousands of slaves, mutants and soldiers, the air shivers with the sounds of arcane weaponry and dark sorcery, and the screams of their victims echo into the smoke-filled air as they are dragged away to servitude and torture.

40 (that is 4 10 dwarf sprues) of blacksouls / decimators, three pvc Lesser Obsidian Golems, 21 hard plastic slave orcs, a metal slavedriver, a metal ironcaster (the old Dravak Dalken model).  And three of the all new resin Grotesques - a month before they are released separately.

Then in March we get the individual units for Kings of War.

Abyssal Dwarf Blacksouls Regiment
MGKWK301 £19.99/€24.99/$29.99
The line infantry of the temple-cities are the Blacksouls. They favor heavy axes and hammers, marching to war in tight regiments often bearing ensorcelled dark iron shields. Although the Abyssal Dwarfs are usually fractious, each warrior in the ranks works as part of the group, for these sadists understand that this is the most effective way to make the enemy suffer.

20 hard plastic evil stunties!

If you were able to resist the mega army, the grotesques will be available by themselves.

Abyssal Dwarf Grotesques Regiment
MGKWK402 £29.99/€39.99/$44.99
Huge hybrid creatures, grotesques are disgusting to behold and terrifying to face. These multi-limbed mutants are excessively violent, often tearing their opponents to pieces, leaving little more than chunks of flesh and bone and pools of blood.

I remember seeing the profile for these when 2nd edition came out - and it is nice to see Mantic moving away from the 'dragon ogre' idea to something much more original.  And disturbing.

And to add some variety, they have a separate champion sculpt as well.

Abyssal Dwarf Grotesque Champion
MGKWK201 £12.49/€14.99/$17.99
The life of a Grotesque is painfully short, with few creatures surviving more than a handful of battles before their mutated forms collapse, or they become so violent that they must be put down by their masters. Once in a dozen generations of these mutants, one will not only survive, but thrive on the carnage and slaughter of battle. Growing stronger than their brethren, they lead the monstrosities in violence and bloodshed.

Finally the new Titan that excited everyone when it originally was leaked a couple of month ago - the Hellfane!
Abyssal Dwarf Hellfane
MGKWK401 £49.99/€59.99/$59.99
The unholy icons known as Hellfanes channel the power flowing from the Abyss into nearby Abyssal Dwarfs, invigorating them with greater strength and speed. The effect only has a limited range, so great obsidian shrine bearer were constructed in the form of immense beasts to carry each icon into battle.

Mantic is doing great with their new resin monsters, and this looks to fit in with those quite well.  I do hope that the altar is separate from the beast - a giant rock rhino by itself would be pretty cool - and might also make a decent mammoth for Ogres.  From the render is it hard to see if it can be removed or not.

So what better way to celebrate Valentine's day (or near it) than with new evil dwarfs.   My biggest challenge is not going to be what to get (of course I want them ALL) but how many of each, for both my demo forces (for Vanguard and Kings of War) and my own Abyssal Dwarf army.

Because it is all fun and games . . .