Sometimes you just have to laugh

Grow the Hobby - Day 6

For a brief period of time, my starter wife and I actually painted a few minis together.  At that time I found this box set of minis, and with my already sick sense of humor I had to have them.

First let me give proper credit - all pictures were stolen from these great posts I found on this set.
Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Definitely check them out for more in-depth coverage.

My favorite of the entire set was the undead gamers, and the pizza delivery skeleton that I felt just went with them.  I love the fat skeleton with the smiley face on his wife-beater.  I had to have this set for these if nothing else.

Of course Napolean Boneypart was also a great sculpt

Some of the jokes were a bit more 'subtle', like the half-elf

Or the invisible stalker (yes, it is just an empty base)

Some were just silly, like the armored idiot

Or the halfling in full plate armor

Or the 107th level fighter / used sword dealer

The were-rat in a trap was also fun

The half-orc slime didn't really do much for me - it still looks more like a miscast

The pegasus bomber was a cute idea however

I honestly don't think I ever painted these, but I do remember how much I liked them.  Looking back, they were the first miniatures I saw that didn't take themselves quite so seriously - which is a theme I have continued on many times in the full armies I would later make.

Like I said, check out the pages on the Mini Museum I linked to for more pictures and much more in depth description of these (from someone who actually still had them when he wrote about them).

Because it is all fun and games . . .