Quite Evil Enough

So now we come down to the last three evil armies, and to we will start with Nightstalkers

2nd Ed List3rd Ed ListPts Diff
Spectres TroopSpectres Troop-10
Reapers TroopReapers Troop-20
Scarecrows HordeScarecrows Horde-
Phantoms TroopPhantoms Troop-25
Butchers RegimentButchers Regiment-20
Horror / Bane Chant(2)


Fiends Regiment+130

So this was one list that basically everything went down in points.  I decided to change out the horror for a fighty hero in the Shade, and even had enough points then (the prior list was only 995) to add in a regiment of fiends (which I have to paint up).

When it comes to fighty lists, are there any better ones (fluff wise that is) than Orcs?

2nd Ed List3rd Ed ListPts Diff
Ax RegimentAx Regiment+5
Greatax RegimentGreatax Regiment w/ Orcish Skull Pole+10
Skulks TroopSkulks* Troop+10
Gore Riders RegimentGore Riders Regiment+5
Gore Riders Regiment-185
Krudger / MountedKrudger-55
War DrumWar Drum-

Godspeaker / Heal(2)+85

Moreax Regiment / Orcish Skull Pole+180

Initially this list was ok (and for once I didn't have any issues with unlocks), but I was kind of tired of it.  It was just too much of the same.  So I dropped a regiment of gore riders for a regiment of Morax (of which I currently only have a troop painted, so I need to paint those up).  Plus the Krudger on gore model was just not wearing well - I had tried to pin his blade back on several times.  So I swapped him out for one on foot, and since he was inspiring, I didn't really need the flagger any more, so that opened up points to get a Godspeaker into the list.  Of course I don't have either of those characters yet (though they are on order).

2nd Ed List3rd Ed ListPts Diff
Skeleton Spearmen Horde / Undead Giant RatsSkeleton Spearmen Horde / Undead Giant Rats-
Zombies HordeZombies Horde / UGR-5
Ghouls TroopGhouls Regiment+55
Werewolves RegimentWerewolves Regiment-5
Revenant Cavalry RegimentRevenant Cavalry Regiment-5
Revenant King on Undead Wyrm
Necromancer / Bane Chant(2)Necromancer / Heal(3), Bane Chang(2)-10

Balefire Catapult+95

Undead Army Standard Bearer / Mounted+75

Another list that did not have issues with unlocks.  The problem I did have was the Revenant King on Undead Wyrm - now a Titan.

Let me back up a little though.  The entire reason I had this in the list was a week before Gencon a couple of years ago, I was reviewing my armies and doing some repairs, and discovered that the 2 balefire catapults I had in the undead army were gone.  I'm not sure what happened to them, but I can't find them.  So I had to come up with something to fill them quick, and didn't have time to order any more.  Then I remember that while I didn't care much for the Runewars game (and it seems that is not an uncommon opinion as it doesn't seem to be doing well) I did really like the Carrion Lancer mini that came with it, and thought it would make a GREAT undead wyrm.  So I dug it out and painted it up.

But now it was a titan, and too much, so sorry, he had to go.

I upped the ghouls from a troop to a regiment, and at first thought I would need to get more, but eventually actually looked in my box of models and found I had a troop of them - I guess they were already a regiment in 1st edition (this is, after all, the oldest of all the demo armies I have).

I also now had a balefire catapult from my Empire of Dust army that I never put together, so one of them is now back in the list (and waiting with all the rest of the models to get painted up).  With the last points I added giant rats to the other horde (the zombies).

And those are my conversion from 2nd to 3rd for the 14 1000 point demo armies from the main book.  When I get Uncharted Empires I'll tackle the others that I have so far (However with the addition of so many new theme lists in there, I now have several more to build if I want to have all of them.

Because it is all fun and games . . .