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With the rollout of 3rd edition of Kings of War well on it's way, Mantic is adding even more goodies for us to get excited about.  (Thanks to our friends over at (FantasyWelt)

First the December releases start with the one that has the most buzz about is is, of course, the new Uncharted Empires: Armies of Pannithor.

This is listed as NOT the final cover
This may be the final cover, to more closely match the 3rd edition book
Uncharted Empires: Armies of Pannithor
MGKW17 £19.99/€24.99/$29.99
The lands of Pannithor are vast and varied. Civilisations rise and fall and the endless struggle for balance in the world dominates all. This book expands on the background presented in the Kings of War rulebook and explores more of the lands of men, as well as delving into the histories of many of the other races forging their own empires in the world. 
This book presents the backgrounds and army lists of new factions, to further enhance your options as you fight for the fate of the world of Pannithor.

It includes three 'master' army lists:

  • Kingdoms of Men
  • Salamanders
  • Ratkin

as well as several new theme lists:

  • Abyssal Dwarf Ratkin Slaves
  • Order of the Brothermark
  • Free Dwarfs
  • Sylvan Elves
  • Twilight Kin
  • Herd
  • Order of the Green Lady
  • League of Rhordia
  • Varangur

These are exciting, but we all know new miniatures are what turn heads.  Mantic has found a great niche in creating some fantastic large monsters at a reasonable price, and December sees 3 more of these kits.

First off, for the Basilean and Salamander armies comes the Phoenix.

Basilean Phoenix
MGKWB402 £29.99 €39.99 $44.99
The phoenix is the symbol of Basilea: an emblem of rebirth, holy fire and blazing fury. These semimagical birds are summoned by the mages of Basilea to fight with the armies of the Hegemon. Phoenixes are vast birds of prey, part fire and part feather; it is unknown exactly how they came into being. They are the favoured creature of the Shining One Fulgria, the goddess of fire, and legend states how they were created from her own sacred flames.

For the Trident Realm, it is time to Release the Kraken

Trident Realm: Kraken 
MGKWR405 £29.99 €39.99 $44.99
In times of great need, Naiad Centurions, or even one of the Trident Kings themselves, may summon one of these terrible and mighty monsters. These titans from the deepest ocean have surprised many an enemy of the Neriticanarmy –their immense size and gait belies the speed and ferocity of an enraged Kraken.

Goblins and Ogres get the Goblin Slasher

Angel GiraldeZ posted these pictures of the studio model he painted up on Facebook
Kings of War Goblin Slasher
MGKWG401 £29.99 €39.99 $44.99
One of the great coups for a goblin king is the taming of a Slasher. A king’s most trusted, skilled and experienced Snaggitsare sent into a Slasher cave to tame these powerful reptiles. When they don’t come back out, the king sends in any old goblin to try and subdue it. Eventually the Slasher will be dragged from its den, blinking and confused about the SharpstickThrower now clumsily strapped to its back.

Then in January Nightstalker fans finally get some regiment sets of the models that were first part of Vanguard and then the Mega army  (you can see the details of the new resin pieces here)

First are the Reapers
Nightstalker Reapers Troop
MGKWNS303 £19.99/€24.99/$29.99
Reapers are vicious, violent creatures, armed with a wicked array of blades, claws, and teeth. They stalk those who fear violence and bloodshed, bringing their worst nightmares to life with lethal and visceral precision.
This set has 7 of the PVC reapers, and 3 Resin Reapers.

Nightstalker Phantoms Troop
MGKWNS304 £19.99/€24.99/$29.99
Phantoms are phantasms that appear as cloaked, floating bodies. Their partially hooded heads reveal glimpses of the screaming and bloody skulls of people trapped between worlds. These foul creatures are often seen dragging their victims into their shadow forms, consigning them to a fate best left unknown.
7 PVC phantoms and 3 resin models.
Nightstalker ShadowhoundsRegiment
MGKWNS305 £19.99/€24.99/$29.99
Shadowhounds are huge, black, twin-headed canines, with gnashing jaws and fur matted with vile ectoplasm. Hunting in packs, those lucky enough to escape these beasts can still hear the howling in their heads long after they have awoken. The unfortunate victims who weren’t fast enough are devoured, their screaming skulls forever leering from the shadowhounds’ foul hides. 
7 PVC shadowhounds and 3 resin versions
Nightstalker Horror Rift Weavers
MGKWNS201 £12.49/€14.99/$17.99
Only bearing a vague semblance to the esteemed and intelligent sorcerers they used to be, Horrors' warped and broken bodies channel the bitter winds of the shadow worlds. Sometimes, groups of these creatures are drawn to each other, howling their foul incantations in unison and drawing more of the shadow realm into the mortal world.
5 PVC Horrors.

This is an interesting unit - Horrors are heroes in Kings of War, but Warriors in Vanguard.  So it seems (to me at least) that when creating enough for KoW from the Kickstarter, they had waaay to many.  So they created a unit compromised of multiple of these.

Speaking of Vanguard, the Northern Alliance gets a couple updates as well.  The Warband set is now updated with the new Human Clansmen sprue (replacing the dwarf sprue that was previously in it).
Northern Alliance WarbandSet (2020)
MGVAL103 £29.99/€39.99/$44.99
An alliance of outcasts hailing from the frozen north and united by a common purpose. Northern Alliance Warbands include a wide variety of soldiers, from half-elves and ice Naiads to the lumbering snow trolls.
Contains a sprue of Clansmen/Pack Hunters (makes 10), plus the same PVC models as in the previous version - 2 each of Huscarl, Ice Kin Hunter, Half-Elf Berserker, Snow Troll and Ice Naiad.

Finally, there is a new Reinforcement blister:
Northern Alliance Dwarf Clansmen Reinforcements
MGVAL301 £12.49/€14.99/$17.99
Many dwarfs have fled the wars and unrest in their homelands to join the rank of the Northern Alliance. These refugees serve not only as warriors, but as the artificers who craft the finely-wrought weapons wield by the alliance's warriors.
This contains 2 metal ironclad and 1 metal levy.  From what I can tell (only having seen this picture), it appears that these are new arm/weapon and head options on the metal Dwarf Reinforcements.  As such they should be compatible allow you to mix them if you wanted, this giving 4 levy variants and 8 clansmen variants - which will probably work very well for the new Free Dwarfs!

Of course, we have all seen the renders of the new Abyssal Dwarf Blacksouls and Hellfane - the big question is when are they coming?

Because it is all fun and games . . .