To the Brim

The second wave of the Hellboy Kickstarter consists of two additional expansions - "Darkness Calls" and the limited "Hellboy in Mexico" plus a few extras - all conveniently packaged together in the Box Full of Evil.

So lets see what we have here?  2 sets of tiles

a tray with cards and miniatures

and a second tray just chock full of more miniatures.

So what are the kickstarter extras?

First is a new boss, Vladimir Giurescu (who just happens to be a vampire on horseback)

Igor Bromhead, if you read the books, is just a pain in the a$$.

The Oni is an oriental demon

And the floating heads are just that - creepy floating heads.

There are also some cards for these bad guys, but no missions.  There is one card to add to your pack to create custom adventures (which is how you get Vladimir as a boss).  What is new here (and with all the latest expansions) are the new unexpected threat cards.  You mix these into your deck of doom, and if you draw it, an unanticipated threat shows up just to make the mission a 'little more challenging' (and to make missions more re-playable - because you never know who is going to show up to cause trouble for our heroes).

Darkness Calls art
The Darkness Calls expansion is a chance for our favorite red bad-ass hero to punch some undead!

It comes with four half sheets of tiles - including new outdoor tiles.  While nice, I do wonder how much difference they actually make in game play.  There is some new furniture and tokens as well - hard to say what these are for without reading the missions - and that spoils the fun!

You get one new hero in this expansion - Henry Hood.  Because not ALL the undead are evil and trying to destroy the world.

There is also a new secondary agent to help out - giant wolf.

How big is the wolf - where here it is next to Hellboy

Lots of new Minions as well

Skeleton Warlord

Skeleton Champion

Skeleton Swordsman

Skeleton Spearman

Skeleton Axeman (hmm, do you think there is a theme here?)

You also have three fiends (kind of mini-bosses), in the form of undead witches

The Witch Mary

The Witch Margaret (hmmm - Mary Margaret just reminds me of catholic school)

And the Witch Amelia

Finally is the big boss himself - Koschei the Deathless

There are of course new cards, as well as two new case files.  These case files are nice because they come in zip lock bags - so you can easily keep the cards together after you have opened and played the case (as opposed to the ones in the first box - a reason I have seen several people making their own ways to store the case files.

Then there is the limited edition Hellboy in Mexico expansion.  During the kickstarter, Mantic said that this would only be printed once - so the Box Full of Evil was a great way to guarantee you get a copy.
Hellboy in Mexico art
The tiles here include pieces to make a mexican wrestling ring

So without looking at the mission - I can easily see how the tiles can easily fit to make a ring to pit your wrestlers against the undead.

And who are the wrestlers?  You get a new version of hellboy, and three luchadors to help him.

Luchador Hellboy - who doesn't need a mask


And the brothers - El Hermano Estoico

and El Hermano Vengativo

(I like the hat and spear to help easily identify the minis, though the joins on Vengativo unfortunately have some gaps that need filling).

For minions, you start with the Hungry Vampire

Crypt Spirit

Undead Conquistaeor Swordsman

Undead Conquistador Horseman

Giant Bat

And the boss, Camazotz himself.

There are also two more case files in this expansion - so this box and the original kickstarter box bring the total up to 12!

So plenty of games without needing the case construction deck at all, though this also has cards for that.

Unfortunately there probably isn't a way to have the bit about Hellboy getting married down in Mexico into the game (though it does turn out to be important much later).

Because it is all fun and games . . .